EO 601 Red Label (Habano) Toro

EO 601 Red Label (Habano) Toro

Origin : Nicaragua
Format : Toro
Size : 152 x 20 mm
Ring : 50
Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$6.50 each
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This is my third (and last, at least for now) review of EO 601 series cigars. You can check previous reviews of the EO 601 Black and EO 601 Green. What follows is my take on the EO 601 Red Label Habano Toro, another powerful Nicaraguan puro. Less powerful than the Green label though, this is probably why I appreciated it much more.

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Visiting Cognac

Visiting Cognac

Being in Bordeaux, I simply had to visit Cognac as well, since it is one of the drinks that match up really well with a good cigar. Instead of dealing with the most famous houses such as Hennessy or Martel, we decided to have a look at smaller yet very good producers - Hine and Braastad Cognac.

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Cigar Reviews of the Week #37 (Oct 4 2008)

Here come the most interesting reviews of the week:

Bolivar Royal Corona

Reviewed by Patrick at  The Stogie Guys

Simply a wonderful stick. One of my all-time favorites.
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El Triunfador

Reviewed by Lisa at  Her Humidor

Lisa presents another good cigar from Pete Johnson.
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Weekend deal at Famous Smoke

You can get a nice 4-cigar travel humidor if you buy a box of Padron cigars over at Famous-Smoke. Check it out.

La Caya Cameroon, Brasil and Natural

La Caya Natural

Origin : Dominican Republic
Price : ~$2 each
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I’d like to thank the generous folks at La Caya Cigars for giving me a chance to try their products.

La Caya Natural Robusto

Underneath the cedar wrapping is a very nice looking golden cigar. The few visible veins and satiny feel promise a nice mellow smoke.

I punch it and it gives me a great pre-light draw. After toasting the foot and lighting it up, I am rewarded with ample smoke volume and an even burn. Initially I pick up a slight vanilla note with some slight acidity. As I smoke further I am inundated with a mellow oakiness with some leather. The La Caya Natural also has a slightly sweet finish, which is short.

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“Build your sampler” contest winner

Congrats to wflor421! He won the following cigars courtesy of Duque Cigars :

  • Flor De Oliva Toro
  • 5 Vegas Gold Toro
  • El Duque Cognac Tobos
  • Indian Tabac 10th Anniversary
  • Rocky Patel Decade
  • Gurkha Chancellor Churchill
  • Montecristo Media Noche No.2 Torpedo
  • Graycliff Chateau Pirate

Launching a Cigar Websites Directory


A short note to let you know about the new cigar websites directory that can be found at CigarDir.com. We created it in order to list all the cigar-related websites out there that are worth visiting (for example, we won't be accepting any "cheap cigarettes" links). If you know or own one, feel free to submit it - it's absolutely free and no reciprocal link is required (although it will be appreciated).

Only a few days left to submit your dream sampler

I must say I was expecting more aficionados to submit their dream sampler! It makes it even easier to win for you... The rules are easy and there's no reason not to participate in this contest.
Head over to the contest page and build your dream sampler!

Cigar Tips: The Winning Selection Part 2

Here is the second part of Mountchuck's (one of the founders of Nice Tight Ash) valuable cigar tips. Enjoy - and read the first part here if you missed it.

Tip #6: Use your senses. Use all of your senses when smoking a cigar, not just smell and taste. Before you light it, use your eyes to inspect the wrapper. Is the color uniform? Are there large seams or veins in it? Is the cap evenly applied? Next, use your hands to feel up and down the cigar. Is it smooth and oily or dry and leathery? Gently squeeze up and down the cigar. Are there any hard spots or soft spots?
Hold the cigar next to your ear, and gently squeeze. Does it crackle a little bit? It might be a little dry.
Doing these extra little things let you know if there might be construction problems with the cigar, or if you need to let it get some more humidity in it. Don’t just leave it up to your taste buds and nose.

Tip #7: Humidor Tip 1. Many sites recommend wiping down your humidor with distilled water as part of the seasoning process. It is best to avoid doing this. It is very easy to put too much water into the wood, and warping it, thus weakening the seal and thus the integrity and performance of the humidor over the long term. Your humidor may get seasoned faster this way, but at the expense of more upkeep required in the future.

Tip #8: Humidor Tip 2. Only use distilled water in your humidification device (no matter what it is). Using tap water or spring water can lead to mold and other unwanted things in your humidifier.

Tip #9: Selecting a cutter. When selecting a cutter weight is important. If you carry a cutter in your pocket all of the time like I do, too much weight can be burdensome. But on the same note, a little bit of extra weight is nice to ensure a smooth, clean cut. Try to get a balance between weight and portability.

Tip #10: Let them rest. When ordering cigars via mail order or the internet, you’ll be very tempted to smoke one as soon as it’s off the truck. Try and avoid that temptation! They have been in less than ideal (to put it lightly) conditions during their travel, and won’t smoke as well as they could. Put them in your humidor, and let them return to optimal conditions before enjoying. How long depends on low long they were in transit, and their condition when they arrive.

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