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Illusione MK Teaching Machine

Illusione MK Teaching Machine

Origin : NicaraguaIllusione
Format : Petit Corona
Size : 5 1/8 x 42
Ring : 42
Wrapper : Nicaragua Café Colorado
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$6 each
More info about purchasing Illusione MK cigars...

I recently bought a box (AUG07) of these cigars solely upon the recommendation of several Brothers of the Leaf, and certainly do not regret the purchase. Originally the MK was only available at trade shows where Dion Giolito used them to show off his cigar blending and rolling genius. More recently they have become available in limited regular production. This is the first Nicaraguan Puro I have ever had the pleasure to taste. In my 15 years of cigar smoking I have almost exclusively smoked Cuban cigars until now. All I can say is that I got taught! I am reviewing the 5th cigar I have smoked in the box, but they have been all consistently the same.

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Olde World Reserve Maduro Toro by Rocky Patel

Olde World Reserve Maduro Toro by Rocky Patel

Rocky PatelOrigin : Honduras
Format : Toro
Size : 6.5" x 52
Wrapper : Costa Rican Maduro
Filler : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Price : $7 each
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The Olde World Reserve Maduro is a very dark cigar. Unnaturally so in my opinion. I won’t speculate on how it is that the wrapper leaf is this dark because I just don’t know, but it is oddly dark to me. It’s a bumpy wrapper almost pitch black in color. The foot is wrapped in a dark brown paper adorned with the Rocky Patel “RP” logo and the head is decorated with an off white band trimmed in gold. They sport a pretty severe box press, and you can get them in a box of 20 or a cedar chest of 50 cigars. They are also available with a handsome, milk chocolate Corojo wrapper which I reviewed last week and they come in three basic sizes. Unfortunately (to me anyway) they are released in sizes that have become cliche in the US:

  • Robusto 5.5″ x 54 ring
  • Toro 6.5″ x 52 ring
  • Torpedo 5.0″ x 54 ring

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“Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State” by Joe Jackson

A few days ago, my friend Daize sent me a link to Joe Jackson's (the musician) essay about smoking called "Smoke, Lies and the Nanny State". I just read it and thought I should share it with you.

The article tackles the issues of statistics used by antismoking zealots to back their arguments (it is very hard to actually prove that the lung cancer is directly linked to the smoking, let alone other 'smoking-related diseases'), it explains the hysteria of wide-spreading smoking bans and tells us who are the people behind the movement. Overall, a very well-written and informative article.

You can download the essay from here.

Tatuaje Noella Reserva 2009

Tatuaje Noella Reserva 2009

TatuajeOrigin : Nicaragua
Format : Corona
Size : 5 1/8'' x 42
Ring : 42
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$8 each
More info about purchasing Tatuaje Noellas cigars...

This is another special release from Pete Johnson and Tatuaje cigars. The first Noella Reserva was released in 2006 . . . this is the 2009 version. I have yet to enjoy the original release, but if it’s anything like this little firecracker, it will be quite the treat!

As I understand the blend, it is the same as the standard Noella. However, the wrapper is a specially selected ligero that has been aged longer than the regular version. I have seen mixed numbers concerning the production of this release, but it appears that somewhere around 5,000 were produced.

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“Paris to Cuba” by Mario Grigorov – Giveaway

I was recently approached by Caitlin who represents Mario Grigorov, a well-known musician and film composer. You can find more information about Mario on his website. Mario is getting ready to release a new album, "Paris to Cuba" and we've got 3 CDs to give away to our readers. I thought that this kind of music (latin-jazz) might appeal to you because (I listened to a few songs and can confirm that) it pairs up well with a cigar and a glass of rum.

All you need to do is comment on this post to be entered to win one of the CDs. The winners will be selected next Sunday. Subscribe to the updates so you don't miss the announcement! :)
Contest open internationally.

From the press release:

The ten tracks on Paris To Cuba are the embodiment of summertime. Composed and created by Mario Grigorov, the album’s sound conjures up beautiful complexions, mid-afternoon mojitos, linen garments, and vintage Cadillacs. This is music that immediately evokes an aural landscape, a narrative of striking up a wandering romance with a stranger, a “paseo” through Plaza Vieja or a sunset on the Seine. Lilting, sensual brass sections flirt with gentle vocals on “I See”, “Every Little Movement”, and “Snake Eyes”- the three tracks which feature singer, Melissa Newman. Blending hints of Pink Martini and Buena Vista Social Club, the percussion section laps as a wave on an empty beach. It is easy for the listener to get lost in the guitar solos, mysterious accordion and nostalgic, sweeping strings. This is not your typical jazz or world record.

Father’s day discount at The Cigar Store

Folks at The Cigar Store are giving a 15% discount on everything until June 22. They co-sponsored one of our contests and overall are good guys. To qualify for the discount, just enter "TFD952AB" when checking out.

They've got some sweet deals like the Oliva Serie V Torpedo at under $150/box (review here) or the Don Ramon that we recently reviewed.

Cigar Reviews of the Week #61 (Jun 6 2009)

Some Rocky Patel reviews for your today's reading pleasure:

Rocky Patel Decade Robusto

Reviewed by Cigarfan at  Keepers of the Flame

Cigarfan thoroughly enjoys the Decade, qualifying it as 'an excellent smoke in any case'.
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Rocky Patel Spring Collection

Reviewed by Lisa at  Her Humidor

Here is another very good creation from Rocky Patel, with deep and rich flavors and an impeccable construction.
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Finally, thought I should let you know that The Weekly Cigar will be making a giveaway of some free sticks as soon as they cross 5.000 views. They're at 2.000 right now, let's make it happen.

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