Hoyo de Tradicion Corona

Hoyo de Tradicion Corona

Origin : HondurasHoyo de Monterrey
Format : Corona
Size : : 5 3/4" x 45
Wrapper : Honduran Viso-Rosado
Binder : Habano Connecticut
Filler : Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan
Price : ~$100 for a box of 25
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I had read some nice things about this line of cigars and had passed over them many times in my local cigar shops until recently, when I grabbed one impulsively before leaving. I am glad that I did. This cigar's wrapper is grown in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras and the blend contains tobacco from 4 different countries.

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Griffin’s No. 500

Griffin's No. 500

Griffin'sOrigin : Dominican Republic
Format : Corona
Size : 5 x 42
Wrapper : USA / Connecticut Shade
Filler : Dominican Republic
Binder : Dominican Republic
Price : ~$5-7 each
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I decided to review another Griffin's. A long time ago, I had a look at the Griffin's Maduro Toro and if I were to sum up that review, I'd say something like "good for beginners, predictable maduro". Today, we'll be examining the Griffin's No. 500 and I can already tell you that the conclusion will be fairly similar, we'll just replace "maduro" by "connecticut".

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Cheap Smoke: Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleurs

Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleurs

Origin : Cuba
Format : Petit Corona
Size : 5.1 x 42
Price : ~$4.00
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Handmade since 2002, the Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleurs is another decent Cuban cheapie. Satisfying aesthetically-wise, these cigars provide a consistent construction (at least in boxes from 2007 and 2008). Upon lighting, one can find typical R&J flavors, which are floral and cedary. The smoke is medium-bodied and never aggressive. At $4 per stick, that's a good buy.

Thumbs Up!

Guest Review: Maria Mancini Magic Mountain

Maria Mancini Magic Mountain

Origin : Honduras
Format : Torpedo
Size : 6 x 54
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Filler : Honduras
Binder : Honduras
Price : 4.30 € each
Global Rating : ★★★★½
Humidor's Rating : ★★★★½
Gabriel's Rating : ★★★★½
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Today's review comes from the leading Romanian cigar resource, Humidor.Ro. Bogdan (author and owner) was very kind to translate the review of the Maria Mancini Magic Mountain that was published on his website a little while ago.

Humidor: Almost one year ago, I was reading “The Spell of a Vice” on Lascaris’ blog. In his article, Lascaris refers to Thomas Mann’s “The Magic Mountain”, where the main character, Hans Castrop abides by his habits, enjoying a cigar manufactured by Maria Mancini. As far as this cigar is concerned, reality and fiction mingle because the author uses the name of a real producer from Honduras - Maria Mancini, the only difference being that, in the novel, the cigar is located in Bremen. Maria Mancini settled the scores and, taking advantage of the novel’s success, created a cigar called Magic Mountain.

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Casa Magna Colorado Torito

Casa Magna Colorado Torito

Origin : NicaraguaCasa Magna
Format : Short Robusto
Size : 4.75″ x 60
Wrapper : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Price : $7 each
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Cigar Aficionado named the Casa Magna Colorado #1 on their Top 25 Cigars of 2008 (specifically the robusto). They did so with a very controversial explanation, stating that the price point of the cigar played a large role in its selection due to the state of the economy. That sparked off a ton of impassioned debate across the cigar smoker world about what should or should not factor into proclaiming a cigar as the #1 cigar of the year. Whereever you come down on that debate, the general consensus seems to be that the Casa Magna is a decent to very good cigar that carries a reasonable price tag. Somehow I have managed to fail to get around to trying the Casa Magna up til this point, but today I fired up the beefy Torito to see what I think of this much debated #1 cigar of 2008.

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Sancho Panza Belicosos

Sancho Panza Belicosos

Origin : CubaSancho Panza
Format : Torpedo
Size : 140 x 20.64 mm (6.4 x 42)
Ring : 52
Weight : 12.45 g
Box code : TPG JUN 08
Price : ~$210 for a box of 25
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These cigars were provided for review by CigarsdeCuba.com, a new shop with sales offices in Canada and guaranteed delivery worldwide.

Sancho Panza is not a very famous brand, despite of the fact that it has been one of the most sold in the middle of the 20th century. Created in 1848, it has been sold and re-sold at least five times to finally end up between the hands of El Rey del Mundo house in 1931. A couple of decades after that, the flagship vitolas like Belicosos and Molinos were among the most popular in Europe. Nowadays, for some reason (IMO - due to the Habanos SA marketing practices), these cigars are once again being forgotten.

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2009 Cuban New Releases Pack from TopCubans.com

2009 Cuban New Releases Pack from TopCubans.com

Do you want to try everything (well, except all those regional editions) Habanos SA released in 2009 without buying boxes? TopCubans.com prepared a special sampler that contains all the new 2009 cigars so one can try them out before ordering more important quantities. Richard was kind enough to send me one - and it looks great, as you can see from the picture above.

Of course, it contains the brand new Montecristo Open line (one of each vitola) and will allow me to see whether they are better than the Master. But more importantly, there is a whole set of limited editions: Romeo y Julieta Duke, Bolivar Petit Belicoso and the impatiantly awaited H. Upmann Magnum 48 (2 of each). To make it even more attractive, there are also two Trinidad Robusto Ts included in the set.

I am very impatient to smoke these sticks; if you want to get yourself this sampler, feel free to check out TopCubans.com.

Cigar Reviews of the Week #73 (Sep 19 2009)

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Don Pepin Garcia Firecracker

Reviewed by Brooks at  The Smoking Stogie

This little bastard packs some serious spice!
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Cohiba Siglo VI

Reviewed by Jamie at  Zen & the Art of the Cigar

The famous toro ('05 production) is off to a good start and will taste even better in a few years.
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Gurkha Combo Deal at CheapHumidors.com

CheapHumidors.com put together a sweet deal - 5 Gurkha Factum cigars, a 10ct travel humidor a Lotus lighter and a double-blade cutter. All for only $39.99. You should definitely have a look.

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