CAO Italia Novella

CAO Italia Novella

CAO ItaliaOrigin : Honduras
Format : Corona Extra
Size : 114 x 18 mm
Ring : 46
Wrapper : Honduras
Filler : Italy, Nicaragua, Peru
Binder : Honduras
Price : ~$5 each
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It was a long-awaited smoke. When checking search statistics here at, one of the terms that would get most searches is 'CAO'. This obviously means that this brand is highly popular in the United States and I finally managed to get hold of a couple of sticks. I'll begin with a CAO Italia Novella and the Brazilia blend will follow.

CAO Italia is manufactured in Honduras from a Habano seed Italian tobacco mixed with Nicaraguan and Peruvian tobacco. The wrapper and the binder of this medium-bodied stick are from Honduras.

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Carlos Toraño Noventa Santiago

Carlos Toraño Noventa Santiago

Origin : Nicaragua
Torano cigarsFormat : Robusto
Size : 5.0″ x 50
Wrapper : Habano Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaraguan – Pueblo Nuevo, Esteli, Jalapa and Condega
Binder : Habano Nicaragua
Price : $7 each
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The Toraño Noventa was created in 2006 to celebrate 90 years of cigar heritage in the Toraño family. In 1916 the patriarch of the family, Don Santiago Toraño made the move from Spain to Cuba to begin his career in the cigar industry. Eventually his three sons joined him in the family business as the Toraños became of of the largest tobacco growers in Cuba. Like a lot of cigar and tobacco families in Cuba, they had to leave after the revolution when Castro nationalized the tobacco industry. The family moved their business to the Dominican Republic and eventually Carlos Jr. moved it again to Nicaragua where it now thrives.

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Cigar Reviews of the Week #30 (June 28 2008)

Here's our weekly selection:

Fonseca Habana Seleccion Black Prince

Reviewed by Kevin at  The Box Press

Kevin is back with his great reviews.
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Litto Gomez Diez Americano

Reviewed by Matt at  Matt's Cigar Journal

Matt's blog just celebrated its 3rd anniversary (I had no idea that it was one of the oldest cigar blogs around).
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Cheap Smoke: Cu-Avana Robusto

Cu-Avana Natural Robusto

Origin : Dominican Republic
Wrapper : Connecticut Shade
Format : Robusto
Size : 5 x 50
Price : ~$2.00
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I really enjoy these cigars for a few reasons. They are mild in taste and smoke great. It has a nice slow, even burn and generates a lot of nice thick creamy smoke. I have smoked enough of these now to say that they are pretty consistent. I did have one that wouldn’t draw but you can run into that once and a while with any brand. This isn’t a top of the line cigar but it is a good quality smoke especially when you take its price tag into consideration. These robustos come in around $2 a stick retail, lower if you nab a box off of Cigarbid. That makes it a great cigar for the price conscious like me. They have a nice mellow flavor that doesn’t hang around past its welcome. If you are looking for a quality cheap smoke on the mild side I recommend these cigars.

Thumbs Up!

Stellar Stogies: Cohiba


Fidel Castro might not be the world’s most generous and friendly guy, but... you’ve got to admit that he has great taste in smokes. After all, it’s because of ol’ Fidel that the (justifiably) famous Cohiba cigar exists today. Unfortunately, it’s also because of Castro that they’re practically impossible to get in the U.S.

The first Cohibas weren’t commercial cigars at all - they were the personal cigars of Castro’s then-bodyguard, Chico Perez, rolled for him by a close friend. Castro admired them so much that he hired Chico’s friend to begin rolling cigars for Castro himself. They were reserved for Castro and his buddies until Fidel decided to release them for public sale in 1982.

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Reviews coming up

Recently received my order of cigars from the US, I tried to choose those that received some good feedback from cigar bloggers and seem to be quite popular. Here's what I've got:

Please share your thoughts on these sticks, I'll be taking them into account :)

Zino Classic No. 8

Zino Classic No. 8

Origin : HondurasZino
Format : Churchill
Size : 175 x 19 mm
Ring : 48
Wrapper : Ecuador
Filler : Honduras
Binder : Honduras
Price : ~$10 each
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Unlike the Zino Platinum series, the Classic blend is more than smokeable. Of course, I will not put it on my list of favorite sticks, but the Zino Classic No. 8 deserves at least one try and who knows, you may actually like it in case you're into milder, gentle cigars.

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Perdomo Reserve Champagne F

Perdomo Reserve Champagne

Origin : NicaraguaPerdomo
Format : Perfecto
Size : 4 ¾ x 56
Wrapper : Connecticut Shade
Filler : Nicaragua?
Binder : Nicaragua?
Price : ~$6-7 each
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This cigar is also one of my Go-To cigars. This is a great inexpensive and consistent example of a good Connecticut Shade wrapped cigar. The Perdomo Reserve Champagne line is supposedly a seasonal release, but you can find them in just about every cigar store that carries the Perdomo Reserve line.

The “F” size, which stands for figurado, is not my favorite size (the Robusto is) in the line but certainly does well in a pinch.

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