Cheap Smoke: La Vieja Habana Maduro Bombero

La Vieja Habana Maduro Bombero

Origin : Nicaragua
Format : Toro
Size : 6 x 52
Price : ~$3
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I remember being introduced the La Vieja Habana line from Drew Estate a couple of years ago at one of my favorite B&M's. I was instantly impressed. I've stuck mostly with the Cameroon, but recently had a chance to pick up some Maduro for a change. Once lit, I knew I'd found another favorite from the LVH line. I loved the rich volume of smoke from this guy. There was a touch of sweetness amongst the coffee notes. And at around $3.00 - $4.00 locally, these are definite winners. So whether on the golf course, working around the house or even the commute, these are great to have around.

Thumbs Up!

Tatuaje Reserva Regios

Tatuaje Reserva Regios

TatuajeOrigin : USA
Format : Robusto
Size : 5.5″ x 50
Wrapper : Sun Grown Broadleaf
Filler : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Price : $9 each
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This year hasn’t been as prolific with the new cigars like last year was, but 2009 has brought a few new things from my favorite brand of cigars, Tatuaje. This year there are two new additions to the Tatuaje Reserva line of cigars. Two of my favorite Tatuaje Brown Label vitolas now have a Reserva version, the Noellas and the Regios. The Regios will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the first Tatuaje I had ever smoked, and it was the first vitola in the brand that I purchased an entire box of. So when I heard that the Regios was being used for a new Reserva I was predictably excited.

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Medina 1959 Miami Robusto

Medina 1959 Miami Robusto

Medina 1959 MiamiOrigin : USA
Format : Robusto
Size : 5 x 50
Wrapper : Sumatra
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : $189.99 for a box of 25
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This review comes courtesy of Nicky187, the winner of our Cigar Rights contest.

I received the box of Medina 1959 Miami Robusto cigars from the Duque Cigars Company. The package arrived in good condition. When I opened the solid wooden box, the smell was wonderful. Cedar from the box mixed with the smell of the cigars.

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2009 Cuban Cigar Limited Editions

Bolivar Petit Belicoso 2009 Limited Edition

This year, Habanos SA will be releasing three limited editions (just like in 2008). They will hit the shelves at the end of the year and, according to pre-tastings published in the cigar press, we should get our wallets ready. Here is the list of the limitadas:

I am especially eager to try the new H. Upmann, as I really enjoy the previous Magnum series (Magnum 46 and Magnum 50).

Introducing “Cheap Smokes”

As soon as I realized that most of our cigar reviews concern smokes that cost above $8 (and the survey results seem to confirm that need for budget smoke reviews), I started thinking about a way to add more reviews for cheaper, under $5 cigars. The difficulty is that very often cigars in this price range do not provide a very rich flavor profile and doing a full review may seem pretty useless.

This is why the concept behind the "Cheap Smokes" series is to describe the cigar in just a couple of paragraphs (a picture of the stick is always welcome!). Just as well, we are not going to rate the appearance, construction and flavor, giving an overall "thumbs up!" or "thumbs down!" verdict instead. Hopefully we will be able to make it a weekly item.

If you are interested in telling us about your favorite budget smokes, we will be happy to publish your reviews. Get in touch with us to get started.

Cigar Reviews of the Week #61 (Jun 27 2009)

As every Saturday, here is our weekly selection of cigar reviews from the blogosphere:

CAO Habano (Escarapate)

Reviewed by Jerry and Brian at  The Stogie Review

Jerry Cruz and Brian Hewitt review the CAO Habano Escarapate.
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Montecristo Open Master

Reviewed by Yiorgos at

Yiorgos reviews the new Montecristo Open. He is not that impressed...
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Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2

Juan Lopez Seleccion No. 2

Juan LopezOrigin : Cuba
Format : Robusto
Size : 124 x 19.84 mm (4.9 x 50)
Ring : 50
Weight : 11.66 g
Price : ~$230 for a cab of 25
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Juan Lopez is a discreet Cuban cigar brand which was much more famous in the 1970s. It was created in 1876 by Juan Lopez Diaz and was first called La Flor de Juan Lopez. The two vitolas widely known, Seleccion No. 1 and Seleccion No. 2 were created in 1990s and they are having considerable success these days, judging by some of the reviews. I recently found a 1-year old picture and tasting notes of a Seleccion No. 2 that I didn't publish back then (they got lost on my computer) and after Jason's review of the Seleccion No. 1 I decided to revisit this cigar.

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Juan Lopez Obus VS Ramon Allones Especial (RE France)

Juan Lopez Obus VS Ramon Allones Especial (RE France)

Juan Lopez Obus Regional Edition France
Release : 2007
Format: Figurado (140 x 20.60 mm)
Price: 9.80 €
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Ramon Allones Especial Regional Edition France
Release: 2008
Format: Figurado (140 x 20.64 mm)
Price: 12 €
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Thanks to a friend, I managed to get my hands on those beautiful regional editions for France. Juan Lopez Obus was released in 2007 and the Ramon Allones Especial a year later, in 2008. I decided to do a comparative review of these rare smokes because I clearly found that one is superior to the other.

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