Please welcome Joe, our new reviewer

Dear readers, I am very excited to tell you that we now have a new reviewer. His name is Joe and here's what he has got to say about it:

My name is Joe Reist.
I'm 27 years old and live in Cincinnati, Ohio.
I am an active member of the cigar community, and go by the handle JoeBob.
I began dabbling in liquor-store cigars in 2002, but it wasn't until 2004 that I smoked an Arturo Fuente Hemingway and became hooked.
Some of my favorite Habanos are the Diplomaticos line, Sancho Panza Belicosos, and Partagas Serie D #4.
Some of my go-to non-Habanos lines include Tatuaje, NUB, La Riqueza, and CAO Cameroon.
Generally speaking, I pair my cigars with Coca-Cola or unsweetened iced tea.
I look forward to sharing my thoughts on a wide variety of cigars with the readers of Cigar Inspector. Thanks for having me!

Thanks for joining, Joe - I'm sure our readers will enjoy your reviews.

H. Upmann Magnum 50

H. Upmann Magnum 50

Origin : CubaH. Upmann
Format : Grand Robusto
Size : 160 x 19.84 mm
Ring : 50
Weight : 15 g
Box code : JUN 08
Price : ~$17 each
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I'm really falling in love with H. Upmann cigars lately. Magnum 46 must be my favorite corona gorda and its bigger brother, the majestic Magnum 50 is a really delicious grand/double robusto. With unbeatable looks and construction, this recently introduced smoke will definitely find its followers.

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Slow loading? We’re working on it.

This post is to let readers know that there might be some degraded system performance these days, which will result in slow loading time. No need to worry - we are doing some technical upgrades this week (upgrading to the latest WordPress version, configuring Google Ad Manager...) but hopefully this won't last long.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Cigar Reviews of the Week #38 (Oct 18 2008)

As usual, we have selected a couple of good cigar reviews for you:

Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 2

Reviewed by Kevin at  The Box Press

As Kevin seems to be a very strict reviewer, I was intrigued to see this cigar getting a 92 from him. I suppose it's worthless looking out for it.
Read the full review here...

El Rico Habano

Reviewed by Rob at  Rob's Cigar Reviews

According to this very detailed and professional review, it is a real firecracker.
Read the full review here...

Romeo y Julieta Aniversario Corona

Romeo y Julieta Aniversario Corona

Origin : Dominican RepublicRomeo y Julieta
Format : Corona
Size : 140 x 17 mm
Ring : 44
Wrapper : Ecuador
Binder : USA/Connecticut
Filler : Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Peru
Price : ~$6 each
More info about purchasing Romeo y Julieta Aniversario cigars...

Purchased a box of these cigars after browsing through Cigar Aficionado's best cigars of 2007 ratings. Romeo y Julieta Aniversario Corona boasts an impressive 92 rating and is #19 in the top 25. CA mentions flavors of cedar, earth, licorice and nuts. Since I knew what to expect, I managed to detect most of these. What I fail to understand though is why the magazine never noted frequent construction issues with this stick.

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El Credito Serie R Grand Robusto

El Credito Serie R Grand Robusto

Origin : Dominican Republic
Format : Grand Robusto
Size : 152 x 20 mm
Ring : 50
Wrapper : Dominican Republic
Filler : Dominican Republic
Binder : Dominican Republic
Price : 6.00€
More info about purchasing El Credito cigars...

As it sometimes happens, I didn't find the cigar I was looking for in my local B&M and ended up buying something else. This 'something else' is El Credito Serie R Grand Robusto and it was probably chosen because of its looks. Furthermore, I usually like Dominican cigars, although they are often very mild. El Credito turned out to be a medium-bodied, mostly wooden stick.

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L’Aficion du Havane

Today, I would simply like to write a few words about a club of people passionate about their common hobby - cigars.

L'Aficion du Havane

L'Aficion du Havane was created in 1994 in Nimes (Southern France) and counts 38 as of today. They just get together and enjoy good food, good wine and good cigars, mostly Habanos. Have a look at the picture and you will notice that about 1/3 are women cigar smokers - this is really cool. They've already been 3 times to Cuba and it seems like these trips have become a good tradition. Keep it up!
(Many thanks to Guy Buscéma (president of the club) for sending me the information.)

Is there a cigar club in your hometown? Tell us more about it.

Massive cigar forums buy-out

If you have been following the news, you probably heard that a few very popular cigar sites were recently bought by a certain Jon Caputo. The sites that were sold are:

Corresponding announcements are available on the sites, feel free to check them out. Although I'm not against buying and selling websites, there is one thing that bothers me here - the fact that all the content/databases will be moved to another domain ( which is supposed to become THE cigar resource on the web. Will it mean that the old sites will be left unused or redirected to We shall see. So far I like the fact that Jon is really involved in this and answers all the questions that forum members ask.

I sincerely wish the best of luck to Jon and his new network and congratulate owners of websites who probably made a sweet deal :)

What do you think about the recent happenings?

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