Date: April 2024
Author: Inspector X

A stunning display of luxury, the Trinidad 55th Anniversary humidor made its debut at this year’s Habanos Festival, captivating attendees with its allure. Housing 55 meticulously aged Trinidad Fundadores, this humidor signifies more than just a celebratory gesture; it heralds the dawn of Habanos’ pioneering Vintage program.

Resplendent with the iconic Trinidad logo adorning its surface, the humidor exudes an aura of sophistication reminiscent of esteemed fashion houses like Louis Vuitton or Goyard—thanks to its craftsmanship by French accessories maestro S.T. Dupont. Alongside the reintroduction of the Trinidad Cabildos and the Trinidad Robusto Extra, this exclusive humidor pays homage to 55 years of Cuba’s Trinidad brand.


The Heart of the Vintage Program

Nestled within are 55 Trinidad Fundadores, each bearing witness to a minimum of a decade’s aging, as attested by Habanos. Distinguished by a secondary band inscribed with “Vintage 10,” these cigars epitomize the essence of the Vintage program.
Habanos explains that these Fundadores fall under the novel “Vintage 10” classification, a ground-breaking aging standard sanctioned by the Regulatory Council of the Habanos Protected Appellations of Origin. This certification guarantees optimal aging conditions spanning a decade to 14 years.

The Journey Ahead

Habanos envisions a future brimming with Vintage offerings, promising aficionados an array of aged treasures. The Vintage program will feature four tiers:
• Vintage 5 (silver band): Cigars aged five to nine years
• Vintage 10 (gold-bronze band): Cigars aged 10 to 14 years
• Vintage 15 (gold band): Cigars aged 15 to 19 years
• Gran Vintage 20 (gold glitter band): Cigars aged for a minimum of 20 years

Trinidad Fundadores: A Decade in the Making

These ten-year-old Trinidad Fundadores encapsulate a decade of refinement and excellence, as indicated by their distinguished gold-bronzed secondary bands.

The Vintage program replaces its predecessor, the Añejados program, which debuted in 2015, spotlighting cigars aged between five to eight years.
As for the humidor’s release date and price point, the veil of uncertainty shrouds its future. History suggests a prolonged wait, coupled with a lofty price tag upon its eventual unveiling.

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