March 2024

Cigar professionals worldwide have reason to celebrate as the highly anticipated Cigar Academy launches its pioneering educational platform at the Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show in Las Vegas from March 22nd to March 25th.

Founded with the mission to safeguard, nurture, and disseminate the rich artisanal heritage and traditional knowledge of cigar making, The Cigar Academy introduces a comprehensive educational program leading to formal certification by the cigar makers, delivered through cutting-edge learning technology.

For all cigar lovers seeking authentic knowledge about the cultural heritage and artisanal tradition of the cigar world, The Cigar Academy stands as the ultimate source,” says Ricardo Carioni, Co-Founder at The Cigar Academy. He adds: “Shared and accessible knowledge is power. As such, we invite all cigar makers to join the Cigar Academy to help us scale up access to cigar education for all, from cigar professionals to policy makers and regulators. Ultimately, education is our strongest weapon against misled regulations, and to help us protect and nurture the true cigar culture of our forefathers“.

The Cigar Academy stands as the premier source of cigar education, offering a rigorous curriculum certified by legendary cigar makers. Through bespoke courses leveraging the world’s most advanced Learning Management Systems (LMS), cigar professionals can now access an unparalleled learning experience, akin to those provided by leading academic, governmental, and corporate institutions.

Our objective is clear: to provide professionals with unparalleled access to knowledge and education directly from the experts of the industry,” states Thomas Gryson, Co-Founder at the Cigar Academy. “Through bespoke courses, crafted with precision and care, we aim to lead individuals to formal certification by the legendary cigar makers themselves,” he concluded.

At the heart of the Cigar Academy’s offerings are three levels of certification, catering to professionals of the cigar trade.

Level 1 Award: Ideal for newcomers and those experienced in the world of cigars, this online course provides an exceptional brand-neutral exploration of cigar making history, processes and techniques, empowering students to enrich their knowledge and confidently navigate humidors and serve cigars optimally.

In a later stage a Level 2 Award and a Level 3 Diploma will be launched. These will build upon the foundation of Level 1, delving deeper into the history, processes, and varieties of tobaccos, incorporating in-person workshops, events, and hands-on training at factories and farms worldwide, for a fully immersive learning experience.

Moreover, The Cigar Academy prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity for all learners. Leveraging Anthology and Ally technologies on its LMS platform, The Academy ensures that digital course content is dynamically enhanced to cater to diverse preferences and requirements, fostering an inclusive learning environment for all students.

Carioni concluded: “From learning and discovery to certification, this academy, which is the academy of the cigar makers, embodies the convergence of technology and tradition, empowering accessibility, and equity for all. A new academy is born, The Cigar Academy: Learn, meet, discover, enjoy, and get certified!

For more information about The Cigar Academy and its educational programs, visit

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