April 2024

Continuing the legacy of its founder, Avo Uvezian, a renowned Jazz musician and a visionary in cigar craftsmanship, AVO Cigars has once again bridged the worlds of artistic expression and premium tobacco.

The AVO Expressions Limited Edition is a tribute to the spirit of creativity and individuality. The toro cigar exemplifies AVO’s dedication to creating extraordinary experiences for cigar enthusiasts, combining traditional methods with contemporary flair. The brand has collaborated with the US music icon DJ D-Nice to craft a cigar that mirrors his artistic approach. The edition draws artistic inspiration from his dynamic world of mixing music through disc jockeying (DJing), echoing the DJ’s skill by crafting a captivating and stimulating journey with AVO’s expertise in blending and rolling. To capture the innovative spirit of DJ D-Nice’s artistic creation, AVO has added a Bourbon cask aged filler tobacco to enrich the blend with delightful caramel notes. The toro’s pigtail concludes the harmonious experience and showcases AVO’s high level of craftsmanship.

We are proud to introduce the AVO Expressions Limited Edition 2024. This latest offering is a testament to our brand’s philosophy of marrying the art of cigar making with creative flavour profiles. It is a tribute to the artistic expression and innovation at the heart of AVO Cigars,” says Edward Simon, CMO at Oettinger Davidoff. “AVO Expressions with its harmonious blend is a must-try for both long-time fans and new explorers of the AVO Cigars journey.”

Taste Experience

The taste journey of the 50 RG toro cigar begins with a harmony of sweet cream and cedar wood, then transitions into a rich blend of coffee and spice, concluding with a smooth trio of caramel, buttercream, and roasted coffee. Just as a DJ curates an evening of music, AVO Expressions has been blended to take aficionados on a comparable journey of taste, evolving elegantly from one note to the next.

Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Mexico
Filler: Dominican Republic & United States

The AVO Expressions cigars are housed in elegant wooden boxes, engraved with motifs inspired by the artistry of DJing. These unique boxes reflect the creativity and rhythm that parallels the DJ’s craft and are limited to 6,900 boxes, each containing 15 toro cigars.

Launch & Availability

The AVO Expressions Limited Edition 2024 will be available globally from 6 June 2024*.

*Launch dates and availability may vary depending on country

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