Twitter Trivia Results

Twitter Trivia

That's it, Twitter Trivia is over. I would like to thank everyone who participated and of course our sponsors who made it possible:

Fumee World


The Cigar Store & H.J. Bailey

I hope you all had fun despite of Twitter's technical problems. It was quite a difficult contest to run and I learnt a lot from it, I'll make sure to take this experience into account for next contests to make them even better. Without further ado, here are the winners:

  • @Se7en_Vandalay wins a box of Nubs sponsored by Fumee World
  • @nickwiegand gets a sampler of Padron 1926 cigars from Tex Cigars
  • @rlneal receives a $35 gift certificate at The Cigar Store with participation of H.J. Bailey
  • @BentonJP wins a $20 gift certificate, courtesy of Fumee World
  • @mhoward1218 wrinks the 5th place and gets a $10 gift certificate from Fumee World

Thanks again for your continued support and stay tuned - this is definitely not the last contest here!

CAO America Potomac

CAO America Potomac

Origin : Nicaragua
CAO CigarsFormat : Robusto
Size : 5" x 56
Wrapper : Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro and Connecticut Shade
Filler : Dominican, Nicaraguan, Italian, and American (100% Ligero)
Binder : Brazilian
Price : $8 each
More info about purchasing CAO America cigars...

The CAO America was introduced at the 2007 RTDA trade show in Huston, Texas. Its arrival was preceded by a lot of hype and buzz brought about by two unique features of the cigar. Number one, the wrapper caused a good deal of buzz. The CAO America sports two wrappers, both American grown. It has a Connecticut grown broadleaf maduro wrapper and a Connecticut shade grown wrapper. They are applied to the cigar in a manner that creates a unique pin striping effect. Another feature of the cigar that generated a good deal of chatter was the four country blend of 100% Ligero filler. This was reported to be one of the strongest most full-bodied cigars in the CAO portfolio.

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Marlboro Reds

Marlboro Red Classic

MarlboroOrigin : Who knows?
Format : Short panatela
Size : ~120 x 10 mm
Ring : 25
Wrapper : Cigarette Paper
Filler : Cut tobacco and additives
Price : ~$5 for a pack of 20 or more (depending on where you live)

A special day and a special smoke. Today's review concerns a Marlboro Reds, the original blend No. 27 (it was selected after 27 blends were tried) which is currently the most sold cigarette in the world. Did you know that the term 'cigarette' appeared in the 18th century when Sevillian beggars would pick the cigar nubs from the ground, wrap the tobacco in paper and smoke it? Well, these days the work is already done by Philip Morris...

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Santa Damiana Robusto

Santa Damiana Robusto

Origin : Dominican RepublicSanta Damiana
Format : Robusto
Size : 5 x 50
Ring : 50
Wrapper : Connecticut Shade
Filler : Dominican Republic
Binder : Dominican Republic
Price : ~$5 each
More info about purchasing Santa Damiana cigars...

Santa Damiana is a Dominican brand now owned by Altadis USA. It has a rich history as it was born in Cuba in the beginning of the 20th century. I purchased this specimen in a cigar shop in Andorra and haven't found a single photo online that looked alike, so I can only assume that this is the new band of the #500 robusto. It can also be a European version of the cigar - who knows? Perhaps it's really time to sign Doc's petition...

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Padron Legacy Holt’s 110 Anniversary

Padron Legacy Holts 110 Anniversary

PadronOrigin : Nicaragua
Format : Long Corona
Size : 6 x 48
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Price : ?

This is an exclusive from Holt’s to celebrate their 110th Anniversary (really?). Here’s a blurb from their site:

To celebrate Holt’s 110th year of business our good friends the Padrons decided to blend a brand new, extra-special cigar exclusively for our customers: The Padron Legacy. Not only is this a momentous release due to the fact the Padron’s rarely produce anything new, but also because the cigar itself is spectacular. An incredibly well-aged blend of all Nicaraguan tobaccos in this gem, providing it with a complex, but balanced, full-bodied flavor boasting layers of earth and leather interwoven with nuts and spices, culminating in a smooth, chocolaty finish.

Now normally I buy local, but this LE I could not resist!

Read the full review of Padron Legacy Holt’s 110 Anniversary...

Bull-Schip Sale at

Bull-Schip Sale at

Very soon, the dreaded SCHIP will be applied... Meanwhile, smokers stock up on their favorite cigars and retailers do their best to increase their sales., for example, offers interesting discounts on some premium smokes such as Ashton ESG, Arturo Fuente Anejo, Opus X, Hemingway or Padron 1926. The sale is called "Bull-Schip" which I find quite funny, hence this post. If you are looking to purchase premium cigars before we get hit by the tax, you still have a couple of days left to take advantage of the offer.

Bull-Schip Sale at page

Cigar Reviews of the Week #53 (Mar 28 2009)

Here are some good reviews for you to read this week-end:

Avo Limited Edition 2009 Companero

Reviewed by Ricky at  Cigar Command

The very first cigar that gets a perfect rating from Ricky.
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Chateau Real Belicoso Favorito

Reviewed by George at  The Stogie Guys

Chateau Real natural line was releases by Drew Estate and is on the mild side.
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Cohiba Siglo VI 2002 X Aniversario

Cohiba Siglo VI 2002 X Aniversario

Origin : Cuba
Factory : El LaguitoCohiba
Format : Canonazo
Size : 150 (5.9'') x 20.64 mm
Ring : 52
Price : $100+ each
More info about purchasing Cohiba cigars...

The Cohiba Siglo VI X Aniversario that I will be smoking today comes from the Cohiba Siglo limited edition humidor that was introduced back in 2002. Only 500 were made and each humidor came with 90 cigars. That’s six different vitolas, each with 15 cigars.

The cigar looks fantastic. A smooth wrapper with no veins popping at you, a beautiful light brown color, and the classic taxi colored Cohiba band with a little twist. In my opinion, the Sig VI is one of the perfect size cigars measuring at 52 x 5.9, it just feels good between your fingers.

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