New Cigar Release: Berger & Argenti Clasico

New Cigar Release: Berger & Argenti Clasico

MIAMI – Berger & Argenti Premium Cigars today announced that CLASICO®, a boldly crafted new cigar blend created by the unique collaboration of Enrique Berger and Michael Argenti, is now available at fine tobacconists throughout the U.S.

CLASICO® is comprised of meticulously blended bold and deeply aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos cultivated at Tabacalera Esteli, its rich farmland widely considered by cigar makers as among the finest in Nicaragua for filler tobaccos. The Cuban seed Nicaraguan fillers are sheathed in a sumptuous Nicaraguan Corojo binder and skillfully enveloped in a stalk-cut, molasses-colored Ecuadorian Connecticut seed ‘Desflorado’ wrapper; exhibiting a well-balanced, full-bodied character bursting with a confluence of sweet and spicy flavors. CLASICO® offers exceptional value through its impeccable craftsmanship: the new brand is hecho a mano totalmente - completely crafted by hand - without aid of any mechanical devices and fashioned with a mounted, triple cap at the head of each cigar.

CLASICO® is available in four exquisite sizes: ‘Corona Gorda’ (4 ½”x 46); ‘Rothschild’ (5” x 50); ‘Belicoso (5 ¾” x 50); and ‘Churchill’ (7” x 50). Twenty (20) CLASICO® cigars are thoughtfully presented in unpretentiously elegant Spanish cedar boxes with a suggested retail price ranging from $4.50 to $7.50 per cigar, offering exceptional value and affordability.

“For many years, Michael and I have discussed creating a fuller bodied, ‘Cubanesque’ cigar brand of the highest integrity in terms of materials and craftsmanship at a widely affordable price,” stated Enrique Berger of Berger & Argenti Premium Cigars. “I’m proud to say that CLASICO® is that brand. It is a wonderful blend of deeply aged, exceptional tobaccos that is robust, complex and flavorful. I am truly proud to associate my name with the CLASICO® brand.”

“CLASICO® is in a league of its own, it is the epitome of superior value,” stated Michael Argenti, president of Berger & Argenti Premium Cigars. “From its rich tobaccos to its exacting craftsmanship and bold, complex flavor, this brand represents our vision of delivering satisfaction and value to even the most discriminating cigar enthusiasts.”

Berger & Argenti Premium Cigars is a privately-held company headquartered in Miami, Florida with agricultural and production facilities in Esteli, Nicaragua. The company serves as the exclusive manufacturer, importer and distributor of world-class, super-premium cigar brands including ENTUBAR®, CLASICO®, EXILE®, EXILE® Wired and Rodrigo de Xerez®. For more information, please call toll-free (800) 815-1155.

Kazakhstan enters the cigar market

Kazakhstan enters the cigar market

Surprising, but true - after France, Panama and Puerto Rico, we have another addition to the cigar landscape, and one that, surely, nobody expected. According to Itar-Tass, the testing is finished and Gaziz Batoev, head of KazTabak Inc., just announced that the experimental 10 hectares of land west of Qostanay, near the Russian border, will be planted in 2010 with the specially designed Cuban seed, Corojo 2005, a hybrid that resists wind and cold characteristic of the region. "Our population becomes richer and richer thanks to oil, gaz and uranium revenue", says Batoev, chewing on a Montecristo Edmundo. "We are in need of luxury products and premium hand-made cigars will definitely be welcome in our country, especially if they are grown here". While Batoev seems confident and claims he will make Kazakhstan the 5th producing country within 10 years, I honestly doubt the success of this venture. What do you think?

Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve Robusto

Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve Robusto

Origin : NicaraguaRomeo y Julieta
Format : Robusto
Size : 5.0″ x 54
Wrapper : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan and Honduran
Binder : Nicaraguan
Price : $6 each
More info about purchasing Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve...

Made in Honduras with mostly Nicaraguan tobacco, the Habana Reserve is unique in the prolific number of lines in the Romeo y Julieta portfolio. I believe, but am admittedly not certain, that this is the only one that is not made in the Dominican Republic. It is a handsome cigar with a good looking oily wrapper that has the look of leather. Constrction of the cigar seems to be high quality. The wrapper is neatly applied as is the double cap. The draw is ideal and the cigar is firm and well filled.

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Cusano 59′ Rare Cameroon

Cusano 59' Rare Cameroon

Cusano cigarsOrigin : Dominican Republic
Format : Toro Gordo
Size : 6 x 54
Wrapper : African Cameroon
Filler : Dominican Republic
Binder : Dominican Republic
Price : ~$6 each
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Named in honor of co-founder Joe Chiusano's birth year, the 59' Rare Cameroon utilizes a special African Cameroon wrapper not only wrapped around the cigar but also stuffed into the the blend of filler tobaccos. Prominently displayed upon entrance to my local shop, I'd been eyeing this 54 ringed beauty for the longest time and for the price, I can't for the life of me figure out why up until today I hadn't tried one. Something about this stick just screamed mediocrity and a flashy band with no flavor to back it up, galvanized by the fact that one of my smoking buddies had one a few months back and spent the next 6 hours with his head in the toilet... Would I be pleasantly surprised or would my intuitions be unfortunately confirmed?

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Velazquez Pyramid

Velazquez Pyramid

Origin : Puerto Rico
Format : Pyramid
Size : ~6 in. x 42
Wrapper : N/A
Filler : N/A
Binder : N/A
Price : N/A

Velazquez cigar is (or will be) Puerto Rico’s newest entry into the very competitive cigar landscape. It is solely distributed by Maredos Cigars in Moreno Valley, CA. Puerto Rico is not well known for its cigar industry although it possesses the climate and terrain to grow very fine tobacco.

The information in this cigar is very slim; the only mention can be found either on Twitter (@maredoscigars) or at the Social Cigar website. It is not known if this is a Puerto Rican puro, so no information on the composition of the cigar is available for this review.

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Redux: Liga Privada T52 by Drew Estate

Redux Liga Privada T52 by Drew Estate

Origin : NicaraguaDrew Estate
Format : Toro
Size : 6.0″ x 52
Wrapper : Stalk Cut Sungrown Habano
Filler : Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Honduran
Binder : Brazilian
Price : $14 each
More info about purchasing Liga Privada T-52 cigars...

Drew Estate has been making quite the splash as of late on the cigar world and especially in the online cigar community and it is not for a type of cigar you would typically associate with the brand. Recently they have had two very successful and very well received lines of cigars and they are not flavored or infused in any way. They are traditional cigars and they are sold under the name Liga Privada. First came the No. 9 and most recently the T52 which a lot of cigar smokers are raving about. Not that long ago I was able to smoke and review a pre-production version of the T52. Specifically “blend #3″ which was supposedly selected as the final blend for what would become the production version of the T52. Now I have heard second and third hand, that Drew Estate actually tweaked that final blend a bit at the last minute using a hybrid of the pre-production blends #3 and #4. I have no idea how accurate that is if at all but I heard it said often enough that I thought it worth mentioning.

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Cigar Reviews of the Week #88 (Mar 27 2010)

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