Cohiba Corona Especial

Cohiba Coronas Especiales

Origin : Cuba
Format : Laguito No. 2Cohiba
Size : 152 x 15.08 mm
Ring : 38
Weight : 8.15 g
Price : ~$15 each
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This is a gorgeous Laguito No. 2 that I was very excited to try. My luck hasn't been so great with the Cohiba Siglo line, in that they have been too grassy for my taste. So I was hoping that this one would suit me better. The exact box code of this cigar is unknown, but is almost certainly from 2007/2008 production.

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Partagas Culebras

Partagas Culebras

Origin : CubaPartagas
Factory Name : Culebra
Size : 146 x 15.48 mm
Ring : 39
Weight : 6.67 g
Price : ~$13 each
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This great review comes courtesy of Ray_I, one of our loyal readers. Thank you Ray!

Cigar Smoking is a social activity. Nothing compliments good food, drink and conversation than a cigar. I can think of no other cigar presentation that encourages being social more than Partagas Culebras. Culebras I am told means “snake” and this twisted, braid of a cigar trio is a conversation starter and a Cuban smoke not to be missed.

The lore of why Culebras are braided together range from “so employees could steal more cigars”, to “making it possible that employees couldn’t sell their unique daily stipend of cigars on the black market”. I tend to believe the legend that says “this is a marketing ploy.” Whatever story you subscribe to the Culebras won’t let you down.

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Guest Cheap Smoke: Clint’s Cigars

Clint's Cigars

Price : $50 for a box of 30

This is a guest "cheap smoke" review from Anthony Lund. Thank you!

I had the opportunity to enjoy a nice budget smoke recently. Clint's Cigars, a unusual cone shaped smoke with a light rum flavor. This cigar is the perfect quick smoke and at it's low price one you could enjoy every day. They recently were hit by the SCHIP bill and had to double their prices, but it is still worth it at twice the cost. Look them up online at Clint's Cigars, they only have the one cigar.

Thumbs Up!

Update: here is a more in-depth review of the Clints.

Cigar Reviews of the Week #68 (Aug 15 2009)

As usual, we are bringing you our weekly selection of nice cigar reviews:

Tatuaje Monster "The Frank"

Reviewed by Chris and Charlie at  Nice Tight Ash

Chris and Charlie over at review this rare cigar from Pete Johnson.
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La Flor Dominicana Ligero Oscuro

Reviewed by Adam at  Fire Up That Cigar

Nice full-bodied cigar with an unusual flavor profile.
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Cain Habano Belicoso

Cain Habano Belicoso

Origin : Esteli, NicaraguaCain Cigars
Format : Belicoso/Torpedo
Size : 5 x 50
Composition : Esteli Ligero, Condega Ligero, Jalapa Ligero with "other tobaccos"
Price : Unknown
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At this year's IPCPR show in New Orleans, cigars smokers will be treated to another wave of exciting and new cigar releases. Some may be dog-rockets and others are sure to be gems. One of these highly anticipated and sure successes will be Cain by Oliva Cigar Co. Cain is the creation of Sam Leccia creator of Nub cigars. It was designed to be a "Straight Ligero" cigar but contains "other tobaccos for a true burn. The[se] other tobaccos make no significant contribution to flavor." From what we all know of ligero it comes from the top of the tobacco plant and yields the thickest and smallest leaves of the plant, yet also the most flavorful. Because of these traits, special care must be taken from harvest to blending to bring balance in use of these tobaccos. And especially so in creating a straight ligero cigar. Well after having a chance to sample a pre-release Cain thanks to Sam, I would have to say he has another successful creation on his hands.

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Second Birthday Contest: Results

Thank you for all your birthday wishes - it was such a pleasure to read your comments. As promised, I did the draw yesterday and my favorite business tool - The Randomizer - selected the following 5 entries out of almost 600:

  • Ticket #328: joeyhum*** wins a Lotus Jazz lighter
  • Ticket #107: defilipp*** wins a Lotus Vader lighter
  • Ticket #293: john_matthews*** wins a Flamethrower Double Flame lighter
  • Ticket #20: kalut*** wins a Coil Triple Flame lighter
  • Ticket #151: aburk*** wins a General Triple Flame lighter

I hope you enjoyed the contest!

Please note that all this was possible thanks to &, so make sure to pay them a visit and browse their apparel - they have a great customer service.

Guest Review: H. Upmann Magnum 50

H. Upmann Magnum 50

Origin : CubaH. Upmann
Format : Grand Robusto
Size : 160 x 19.84 mm
Ring : 50
Weight : 15 g
Box code : MAY 08
Price : ~$17 each
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This review comes courtesy of Alexandr and earns him 5 entries in our current contest.

This fine cigar was the first H. Upmann I had tried, so I was very excited and looking forward to tasting it.

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