Trinidad Robusto T

Trinidad Robusto T

Origin : CubaTrinidad
Format : Robusto
Size : 4.8 x 50
Ring : 50
Price : ~$13-15 each
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Trinidad Robusto T was introduced in 2009 to finally offer a robusto vitola within the Trinidad line. As soon as some lucky ones started getting their hands on these sticks, positive reviews flooded the cigar press. At the same time, Montecristo Open were getting high marks in cigar publications all over the world, to be literally destroyed both in the blogosphere and on cigar forums a couple of weeks later. So, is this another "Open" or a true success?

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Weekly draw: winner #2

Weekly draw for commenters!

It's Tuesday which means we've got to announce the next winner of a very nice 5-pack we're giving away to a random commenter, courtesy of Corona Cigar Co. There have been some very nice posts to comment on, including the reviews of the new Romeo y Julieta Duke LE 2009, Cruzado Marelas as well as a quite successful discussion on construction differences between Cuban and non-Cuban cigars. Again, over 100 comments have been left - keep them coming! Oh, I almost forgot - the winner is Dsanders! Congratulations.

Remember, we will be giving away at least 2 more 5-pack samplers, click here for the official contest rules and learn how you can win free cigars!

Onyx Reserve Mini Belicoso

Onyx Reserve Mini Belicoso

Origin : HondurasOnyx Reserve
Format : Mini Belicoso
Size : 5 x 50
Wrapper : Blackened Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder : Nicaragua
Filler : DR, Nicaragua and Peru
Price : ~$4.25 each:; ~ $17 for 5 pack
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The Onyx Reserve Mini Belicoso is made in the Dominican Republic. It has a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and Dominican Piloto Cubano and Nicaraguan tobaccos. It gets its spiciness from Peruvian, Cuban-seed Ligero tobaccos.

It has been resting in my humidor for a month. This is the second one I have smoked.

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Poll & Discussion: cigars construction!

Poll - Construction

This year, I have smoked amazingly-constructed cigars (the best example is probably the Panacea), whereas others were really poorly constructed, like the Romeo y Julieta Cedros. What struck me is that if I were to make average construction grades for Cubans & non-Cubans that I smoked, the non-Cuban sticks would easily win the clash. Why does this happen? Is this only my case? I thought Cuba was supposed to be home to the best torcedores... I would like you to vote and share your opinion below - unleash those comments!

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Cigar Reviews of the Week #76 (Oct 10 2009)

Here is our weekly selection of interesting cigar reviews and deals. Some Camacho reviews this Saturday!

Camacho SLR

Reviewed by Matt at  Straight Up Cigars

We just discovered this blog this week. Matt writes nice and to the point cigar reviews.
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Camacho CLE

Reviewed by Jamie at  Zen & the Art of the Cigar

This is Christian Eiroa's personal blend, extremely hard to find.
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More deals at Cuban Crafters!

These guys just won't stop. This week Cuban Crafters are offering highly rated Cupido and La Carolina cigars with almost a 50% discount. Check out their deals now!

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill

Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills

Origin : CubaRomeo y Julieta
Format : Robusto
Size : 124 x 19.84 mm
Ring : 50
Box code : EST OCT 07
Price : ~$9 each
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I have been sitting on a 10 ct. box of these Short Churchills for over a year now. They tasted young and rather unimpressive to me when I first got them, so I gave them a little rest before this recent revisit.

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Cruzado Marelas

Cruzado Marelas

Origin : HondurasCruzado
Format : Perfecto
Size : 5 5/8 x 46
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua, Honduras
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$8 each
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In this review, Tim A.K.A. Handypilot draws a comparison between Cruzado and Illusione flavor profiles. Enjoy!

This stick is part of Cruzado series of smokes from Dion Giolito's Illusione brand. Similar to the Illusione, though a slightly lower price point, they incorporate blends of Criollo and Corojo. However, the Cruzado line is 2 parts Criollo and 1 part Corojo, as opposed to Illusione's 1 part Criollo and 2 parts Corojo. This stick was gifted to me from a fellow BOTL and was my first Cruzado. I was somewhat anxious to smoke the Marelas as I'm a big fan of Illusione. Here's my take...

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La Riqueza No. 1

La Riqueza No. 1

Origin : NicaraguaLa Riqueza
Format : Lonsdale
Size : 6.5″ x 42
Wrapper : Sun Grown USA Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Price : $9 each
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La Riqueza; The Riches, or The Wealth. Interesting choice of names for what might be one of the ugliest cigars I’ve seen since a Padron. I kid a little, but it really isn’t a pretty cigar and that has solely to do with the wrapper. It is a sun grown USA Connecticut broadleaf wrapper that is rough, bumpy, toothy and rumpled looking. Not what you’d think would be a first choice for a cigar wrapper leaf. Another interesting thing about this cigar is that it represents the first time Pete Johnson stepped away from making a Nicaraguan Puro with a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper. The Tatuaje Brown Label, Havana VI, and P series all used Nicaraguan tobacco and all use Corojo wrappers. Of course since Pete released the La Riqueza he has gone on to use this naturally dark sun grown wrapper on a number of cigars like some additions to the Reserva line (Regio and Noella), The Frank from the Monster Series, and the Cabiaguan Maduro (which is a misnomer since the wrapper isn’t really a maduro in the traditional sense).

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