Cigar of the Week: La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial

To change things up a little, we decided to use some alternatives to our "Reviews of the Week" posts. One of them will be called "Cigar of the Week" and in these posts we will share links to several reviews of the same cigar.

La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial, manufactured in Nicaragua by Jose 'Pepin' Garcia, has received a lot of good press this year. Along with the VSG, this blend might be the most interesting offering from Ashton.

La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial #4

Where to get it?

Depending on the size, La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial will cost you from $6 to $10.
You can compare the prices online here...

Drew Estate Liga Privada T-52

Drew Estate Liga Privada T-52

Origin : NicaraguaDrew Estate
Format : Toro
Size : 6 x 52
Wrapper : American Habano
Filler : DR, Honduras, Nicaragua
Binder : Brazillian Mata-Fina
Price : ~$10-14 each
More info about purchasing Liga Privada T-52 cigars...

I was recently given a new cigar to try by one of the lovely ladies of the Pecunes family, owners of The Humidour Cigar Shoppe in Cockeysville, MD and some of the most respected Tobacconists I know. She said it was one of their favorites from the 2009 IPCPR convention and they were going to be selling them at their shop. The cigar; the new Liga Privada T-52 from Drew Estate. Well when I hear Drew Estate, what comes to mind is "flavored" and "infused", not necessarily premium cigars; however, I respect the Pecunes families opinion, so I settled back into a big leather chair in their cigar lounge with it. Please understand that I am not being critical of anyone's personal taste, "flavored" and "infused" cigars just aren't my preference is all. Don't forget, taste is subjective!

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Camacho Connecticut 11/18

Camacho Connecticut

CamachoOrigin : Honduras
Format : 11/18 Toro
Size : 6.0″ x 54
Wrapper : Ecuadorian grown Connecticut
Filler : Honduran and Dominican
Binder : Honduran
Price : $7 each
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When I first heard that Davidoff was purchasing Camacho Cigars, this cigar was the first thing that popped into my head. Davidoff and Camacho cigars had always occupied opposite ends of the spectrum. Everything Camacho put out under the brand name Camacho was a powerhouse cigar. All of their lines were robust, full-bodied smokes that tried to kick you in the gut. I know that they have milder offerings under different banners like Baccarat and La Fontana, but anything labeled Camacho was going to be a monster. SO when the announcement of the purchase became public, I immediately though to myself, “What would happen if Davidoff and Camacho got together and had a baby?” I said to myself a Camacho with a Connecticut wrapper and Dominican tobacco in the filler. Can you imagine! A Camacho with that makeup? And then a short while later we hear about the Camacho Connecticut which is exactly the cigar I predicted. Now I don’t pretend that I had any great insight or any special talent in predicting what’s next in the cigar industry. Truth is a lot of people I have talked with had the exact same thoughts I did. It was easy to see this coming. SO I want to know, what exactly does a Camacho that uses a Connecticut Shade wrapper and Dominican tobacco taste like.

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Di Fazio Picoso Double Robust

Di Fazio Picoso

Origin : Honduras
Format : Double Robusto
Di FazioSize : 5 x 60
Wrapper : Honduras
Filler : Honduras
Binder : Honduras
Price : ~$8-9 each
More info about purchasing Di Fazio cigars...

Thank you to Di Fazio Cigars for providing me with a sampler to try.

Di Fazio cigars are rolled at the Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas S. de R.L. factory in Honduras, which also makes Illusione and Alec Bradley Tempus cigars. Di Fazio cigars are also available in a Connecticut and a Maduro version.

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Ashton Cabinet Selection

Ashton Cabinet Selection

Origin : Dominican RepublicAshton
Format : Belicoso
Size : 5 1/4 x 52
Wrapper : Connecticut Shade
Filler : Dominican
Binder : Dominican
Price : ~$13.75 each, $200 for a box of 25
More info about purchasing Ashton Cabinet cigars...

I picked up a few of these at another Aston Taste of Excellence events. These are great events. That evening the Cabinet Selection was paired with Oban 14 because it starts sweet but ends with a hint of spice. For this review, I smoked the cigar with no libation. The Cabinet’s Dominican filler is aged at least four to five years. The wrapper is aged one year longer. Aston claims no less than six different fillers in the cigar and it takes seven years to make it from seed to cigar.

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Punch Serie d’Oro No. 1 (UK Regional Edition)

Punch Serie d'Oro No. 1 (UK Regional Edition)

Origin : CubaPunch
Format : Torpedo
Size : 156 x 21 mm (6.1 x 52)
Ring : 52
Release : 2008
Price : $20+ each
More info about purchasing Punch cigars...

I would like to thank Sautter Cigars for providing me with a sampler of these Regional Editions. This shop is a great source of rare, vintage and limited Cuban cigars.

Punch Serie d'Oro No. 1 is the second regional edition for the UK market that I have had the chance to try. Punch is another regular producer of Regional Releases, there have been 11 (!) different offerings, including those for year 2009 (6 of them!). For me, it is an average marca that rolls nice and reliable cigars, but nothing to be very excited about. The medium-bodied Punch Punch is probably the most representative vitola.

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Illusione MJ12

Illusione MJ12

Origin : NicaraguaIllusione
Format : Toro
Size : 6 x 54
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : ~$7-8 each
More info about purchasing Illusione MJ12 cigars...

The naming conventions used by Dion Giolito for Illusione normally revolve around significant times in his life or Jesus Christ… the latter of which I think is awesome! I was a little puzzled in determining the origination of the name mj12 because it’s not listed on the Illusione website, so I googled onward. Well.. the Majestic Twelve happen to be a committee of scientists, military leaders, and politicians whom were charged with the investigation of UFOs. Based on Dion’s other names I’m guessing this isn’t it, but this is what lean toward because the shiny foil wrapper makes it look like a UFO; I tried linking it to Christ. The only thing I could come up with was the original 12 disciples of Jesus. This makes sense, because Dion considers the Illusione mj12 a classic connoisseurs cigar, and the 12 disciples were true connoisseurs of Christianity. Let me know if I’m right Dion!

Much like the 68 I smoked the other day, I decided to enjoy a cigar while toiling with leaves and branches. A word of warning: a power hedge trimmer can cut through an extension cord while your concentrating on the flavors of a smoke! Though this did give me the opportunity to retest my soldering skills. I was leaning towards LFD Double Ligero Chisel Head, but I had a light lunch and was working with power tools… bad idea. I still wanted something medium-full bodied to match the crispness of Autumn, so I decided on the Illusione mj12 ‘The Majestic 12′. It had been staring me in the face for several weeks, because I haven’t tried this vitola yet. Here’s my take…

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Cigar Tweeple List

I love how Twitter comes up with new features lately. Also, there has been less downtime... On the other hand, the spam gets out of control these days and I receive tons of spammy DMs from people who got their accounts hacked (by the way - DON'T click on any links you receive via DMs). I really hope they'll be able to tackle this issue very soon.

As you probably know, we've been building lists of cigar people to follow on Twitter. The bigger the lists get, the more difficult they are to manage and I was happy to discover the new 'lists' feature introduced by Twitter. I went ahead and created one in which I included all the accounts definitely worth following.
You can check it out here.
You can either follow the list or follow all the people in the list.

Enjoy and see you on Twitter!

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