March 2024

In a few days it is time for the annual PCA Convention & Trade show, and the show always causes an avalanche of new releases. Too many to throw a stick at, or to write separate articles about therefore we combine the latest press releases in one article.

Asylum 12 2024

C.L.E. Cigar Company is to present the Asylum12 2024 at the 2024 Premium Cigar Association taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Asylum 12cigar brand is released yearly, and this 2024 version is housed in new sleekly designed packaging.

The Asylum 12 2024 blend will be different from years past as the binder and filler is composed of tobacco from C.L.E. Cigar Company’s new farm in South America. The wrapper and type of tobacco in the binder and filler will remain undisclosed.

Tom Lazuka Co-Founder of Asylum Cigars stated: “We felt that we could better improve on the presentation of the Asylum 12. The Asylum 12 2024 will be housed in cigar tubes. Cigar tubes provide an upgrade aesthetically, while also better protecting the cigars.

Christian Eiroa, founder and President of C.L.E. Cigar Company stated: ”I have always considered the Asylum brand as an almost experimental project in where I can play with all kinds of off-the-wall blends, vitolasizes, and unique packaging. I strongly believe that we have hit the mark with the Asylum 12 2024.”

The Asylum12 2024 Exclusive is offered in two vitolas and comes in twenty count boxes. Each individual cigar is housed in cigar tubes.

Asylum April’s Fool 2024

C.L.E. Cigar Company announces the unveiling of the Asylum April Fools’ 2024 “Year of the Dragon” at the PCA in Las Vegas. The Asylum April Fools’ 2024 Year of the Dragon is the fourth in a series of cigars that are released yearly on April Fools’ Day (April 1st).

Last year’s version celebrated the Chinese Zodiac. Asylum cigars will continue this trend showcasing this year’s version. In true Asylum style, the blend will come in a massive 90X9 vitola. Blended by Christian Eiroa this Honduran puro is a full-bodied blend featuring bold flavors throughout the smoking experience. Deeply rich in flavor and complexity, the blend is a peppery smoke, featuring woodsy and sweet notes. The blend will come in updated packaging, as cigars will be housed in tubes, and set in a six-cigar tray. The black box is adorned with blood red print. The image of the Dragon is prominently displayed on the packaging.

The MSRP for the Asylum April Fools’ 2024 Year of the Dragonis $42.36 per cigar and$251.16 per tray of six. Tom Lazuka, co-founder of Asylum Cigars said: ”The Asylum cigar brand is meant to be fun and experimental. The April Fools blend is not for the faint of heart. It is truly a powerhouse of a cigar with very bold flavors. We look forward to presenting the April Fools 2024 at the PCA in Las Vegas.

United Cigars

United Connecticut announced to release at the PCA Show in Las Vegas. After years of market research and development, United Cigars had broken the code to deliver a line extension that shatters the cigar industry frontier.

Thinking outside the box, United Cigars found themselves with bales of Ecuador Connecticut Shade gold. As if the Merchant Royal herself rose up from her watery grave, United Cigars discovered a wrapper that had greater value than the $1Billion lost cargo. Ecuador’s fertile soil makes it the best place to grow wrapper leaves and along the foothills of the Andes Mountains we find natural shade grown tobacco that surpasses all other shade grown wrapper to compliment the United blend.

Using higher primings for the wrapper, United Cigars found the best wrapper to compliment the United blend of Dominican tobaccos. In particular, the use of Dominican Broadleaf in the filler opens an arena of body and complexity that the Ecuador Connecticut Shade wrapper rides alongside with for a fantastic voyage. Shipping to retailers in boxes of 20 cigars, the United Connecticut will begin reaching shelves the beginning of April.

We originally crafted the United blend around beautiful Dominican Broadleaf tobacco,” said Oliver Nivaud of United Cigars. “Working with a superior wrapper, as oily and elegant as this, only made this blend graduate to the next level.

Expect United Cigars to keep these cigar lover friendly prices under budget with their Robusto 5 x 54, Toro 6 x 54 and Churchill 7 x 54 ringing in at an MSRP of $7, $8 and $9 respectfully.

United Cigars has had a busy year with recent announcements that they will also have showcased at this year’s PCA Show. Keep your palettes open for the sky illuminating Firecracker Connecticut that has built an early following. With connoisseurs and charitable foundations in mind, be sure to capture a Gold Star Limited Edition to guide you into a tactical smoke mission. If your historian persona grabs you then turn on your favorite classic and dance with the 30th Anniversary La Gianna Havana Barber Pole blend of natural and maduro wrappers. For the pinnacle of luxury in today’s market, Atabey has captured aficionados worldwide. Now, a Limited Edition Atabey Collection Set, 60 count humidor will be released for 2024 containing all twelve vitolas for a total of 360 cigars.

JRE Tobacco

For aficionados who relish larger ring gauge cigars, the announcement of the Aladino Maduro Gordo brings exciting tidings. This line extension marks a permanent addition to the ongoing portfolio. With a dedication to accommodating the varied preferences of their clientele, the company recognized the demand for this size and thus, introduced it to their range.

The blend for the Aladino Maduro Gordo was meticulously crafted, aiming to deliver a heightened flavor experience while staying true to the essence of the blend’s characteristics. This commitment to excellence ensures that enthusiasts can anticipate a satisfying smoke with each indulgence.

Available for purchase and shipping starting from PCA 2024, the Aladino Maduro Gordo promises to captivate aficionados with its boldness and expansive dimensions.

Presenting a fresh addition to their ongoing portfolio, the introduction of Fuma Noche encapsulates the essence of night-time revelry and social camaraderie. Tailored for aficionados who crave a fuller-bodied smoking experience, this blend promises richness, intensity, and density.

Housed in a sleek black box with a glossy piano finish and metallic lettering, the presentation of Fuma Noche exudes a touch of modernity while retaining the timeless elegance and allure synonymous with the Aladino brand. Inside, aficionados will find the iconic Aladino image rendered in monochrome, accompanied by a foot band—a first for the brand. The overall aesthetic, combined with the cigar’s exquisite flavor profile, ensures that Fuma Noche will become a staple in any aficionado’s weekly rotation.

Black Label

Black Label Trading Co (BLTC) will be showcasing a new release at this year’s PCA in Las Vegas; ORTHODOX. Hand crafted at Fabrica Oveja Negra in Esteli, Nicaragua.

ORTHODOX is a small batch release offered to retailers attending the PCA tradeshow this year. It will be first come first serve and begin shipping at the end of April.

Orthodox is really about Black Label getting back to its roots. We’ve done a lot over the last 10 years but at our core we are about highlighting the strength & intensity of Nicaraguan tobacco. That’s what I went for with the Orthodox. It’s extremely bold with spice throughout the palate and nose. Its intensity is balanced by flavors of dark fruits, cherries, raisins and finishes with star anise. This cigar is bold but very balanced and extremely complex,” says James Brown, creator of Black Label Trading Co./Black Works Studio and partner at Fabrica Oveja Negra.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Mexico San Andrés
Binder: Ecuador Habano
Filler: Nicaraguan
5.75×50 Toro (20 count box) MSRP $13.00
5×46 Corona Gorda (20 count box) MSRP $12.50
4.5×52 Short Robusto (20 count box) MSRP $12.50

Black Label Trading Company is redefining the standards for cigar making. With a less is more philosophy, Black Label Trading Co. creates hand crafted premium cigars of the utmost quality with unique flavor profiles and creative artwork.

Opus X Society

The all-new Fuente The OpusX Society single-vitola cigar made its worldwide début at the Premium Cigar Association PCA2023 Convention & International Trade Show this past July to great fanfare.

At the time no release date was given. However, now a scant eight months later pre-orders for the all-new cigar will be taken at this year’s PCA 2024 Convention.
Please note: orders will only be accepted from pre-existing Fuente The OpusX Society accounts that have continually supported the brand since its 2019 inception on a first come basis.

The limited production Fuente The OpusX Society cigar is the latest member of the OpusX series. “The OXS is a unique and extremely limited Opus Blend. Different and Xtremely impressive richness and intensity,” said Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr., Chairman of Arturo Fuente, of the forthcoming OpusX Society puro upon its launch.

Manny Iriarte Enterprises was established five years ago, and on the heels of that venture came the debut of another: Fuente The OpusX Society, a unique cigar-lifestyle accessories brand based on the iconic Fuente Fuente OpusX cigar series that offers the dual vision of Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. and Manny Iriarte.

In a natural progression stemming from the brand’s remarkable success and upward trajectory, the cofounders have decided to create and launch a companion cigar to complement and support the luxury accessories created for those with a passion for the most elegant ways to enjoy their smoke of

It has been a long process of building a new image and concept, we have always tried to elevate the OpusX brand to the highest level and it has been achieved through accessories and collaborations. The announcement last summer of the cigar is going to be a dream come true for the most loyal lovers of OpusX cigars,” said Manny Iriarte.

As seen last year when it premiered, the cigars come housed in a truly magnificent and masterful wooden box finished in the signature Fuente The OpusX Society yellow and blue lacquer colors; with matte silver
custom hardware; and two (2) trays of ten (10) cigars each.

Size: 6 ¼ inch x 49
MSRP: To be announced at the time of the show.

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