March 2024

Over 10 new products to discover at PCA 2024!

Elected Best cigar accessory of 2022, the innovative French brand that reinvented cigar knife design in 2015, LES FINES LAMES creates iconic and unique cigar accessories, such as LE PETIT cigar knife, the PUNCH BRACELET, LE TAG and soon… LE FEU by LES FINES LAMES!

With 8 new cigar knives, fresh designs for LE TAG – T100 and lighters, rendez-vous at Booth #3037 in Las Vegas PCA to discover all the new exciting accessories that will make 2024 at LES FINES LAMES!


For the first time, LES FINES LAMES will present a first look at how the brand define premium lighters. The team is eager to give you a first preview at LE FEU by LES FINES LAMES designs.

LE PETIT New Releases

LE PETIT – Omnia Vanitas

Meticulously sculpted in 3D by LES FINES LAMES founder and creative director Pierre Jourdan, this new 3D technology adds significant weight to the Omnia Vanitas, making it one of the most solid treasures in the collection!

Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas.”

LE PETIT – Omnia Vanitas Solid Bronze

Latin for “Everything is vanity“, the Omnia Vanitas piece feature – for the first time in LE PETIT history – a remarkable intrication of Solid Bronze skulls, for a different touch and feel of LE PETIT.

Beyond this captivating aesthetics lies the profound “Memento Mori” philosophy, meaning “Remember that you must die”. A poignant reminder that, much like a fine cigar, life is meant to be appreciated and savoured to the fullest.

MSRP: $459

LE PETIT – Omnia Vanitas Sterling Silver

This LE PETIT adornments are made from one solid piece of Sterling Silver. A timeless material that exudes elegance and luxury, elevating the collection to new heights.

MSRP: $459

Visuals Are at Your Disposal Here

Introducing the Composite line

Crafted from high-performance materials like Micarta and G10, the Composite line of LE PETIT offers a unique blend of durability and distinctive tactical aesthetic.

LE PETIT – ODG Micarta

Made from Micarta, a remarkably resilient material formed by layering fabric in resin, the ODG Micarta offers a perfect tactical aesthetic with its Olive Drab Green color ambiance.

MSRP: $159


The FDE G10 cigar knife is crafted from the very resilient G10, a material born from layering fiber glass in resin. With its new texture, the handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the Flat Dark Earth color adds a touch of tactical elegance to the piece.

MSRP: $159


Just like the FDE G10, the Black G10 is made using the same process, while the dark colour of the handle adds a touch of tactical elegance to the piece. Matériau hydrophile des poignées d’armes militaires.

MSRP: $159

Visuals Are at Your Disposal Here

LE PETIT – Snakewood

Snakewood’s reputation for exquisite beauty precedes it. With a mesmerizing interplay of dark hues accented by vibrant light veins that resemble a serpent’s skin, the wood also boasts exceptional working characteristics. This puts Snakewood in a league of its own among exotic hardwoods.

MSRP: $189

Visuals Are at Your Disposal Here

LE PETIT – Rum Barrel

Experience the Caribbean in every cut with LE PETIT – Rum Barrel cigar knife. Crafted from authentic rum barrel wood and beautified by a Caribbean ambiance on the blade, this special piece is the perfect cigar accessory for all aficionados of the Caribbean spirit.

MSRP: $159

LE PETIT – Kentron – “A fusion of German and French excellence”

Limited edition – Developed by friend companies LES FINES LAMES and GERMAN ENGINEERED CIGARS, LE PETIT – KENTRON exemplifies the pinnacle of 3D printing, as used in advanced rocketry and F1 technology. Following biomimetics, a design inspired by nature, it resembles the intricate structure of a tobacco leaf. The result is unparalleled stability and a pleasing and secure grip.

MSRP: $179

Crafted in the capital of French cutlery, Thiers, LE PETIT by LES FINES LAMES is an authentic friction folder knife. Small like a pocketknife, its size is 4.53 inches and it has a 2.55 inches non lockable blade made from 14C28N stainless steel offering a razor-sharp cutting edge, able to cut through the biggest cigars, up to 70 gauge (1.1 inch diameter)

LE TAG T100: Launch lineup revealed

Following the success of its predecessor, the T135, LES FINES LAMES will present the 14 designs that will make up LE TAG T100 collection, available in May 2024.

Stepping in the jewellery world, LE TAG T100 is a two part cigar cutter that brings your accessory game to a whole new level.

Keeping it true to the spirit of the dogtag, LE TAG is linked by the iconic dogtag ball chain. One part conceals a double-blade cigar cutter, while the other boasts fine adornments.

It’s an elegant and discreet piece to identify yourself as a cigar smoker, blending perfectly into your everyday lifestyle.

MSRP: Starting at $258

See All Le Tag T100 Designs


LES FINES LAMES proposes a unique range of made in France cigar accessories, and sold all over the world: more than 90% of its turnover is made abroad.

With a strong presence on social networks, LES FINES LAMES built over the years a loyal 65K followers community, met during international cigar events, and developed numerous collaborations with leading and prestigious brands.

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