March 2024

The PCA Convention & Trade Show will be a busy one for Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust with not one, not two, but three new releases. Or 12 new releases if you count each cigar from the Lancero sample as one new release.

#GFY Lancero Sampler

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust has unveiled a new sampler, yet most of its contents remain shrouded in mystery.

Dubbed the #GFY Lancero Collection, this sampler box comprises 10 distinct 7 x 38 lancero vitolas, nine of which are debutantes, showcasing six different wrappers. While the specifics of eight cigars are being withheld for a later reveal, Dunbarton has disclosed that one of the lanceros is the Muestra de Saka #NLMTHA lancero, which made its debut in 2019. Additionally, another lancero sports a candela leaf wrapper, marking the company’s first foray into this particular wrapper choice.

Steve Saka, the mastermind behind Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, said that the sampler is crafted on a “made to order” basis, priced at an MSRP of $159.50 per box, with a maximum production cap of 3,000 boxes.

The interior of the collection box features a message reflecting Saka’s insight: “And one of the things I have learned over the years is that these customers are always chasing the next great lancero. So why not give them their ‘wet dream’, a selection of 10 totally unique lancero ligas in just one box? I crafted over 63 different blends while perfecting the Muestra de Saka #NLMTHA, so I chose 9 of the best and 1 awful Candela one, another relentless cigar geek ask.

Saka further revealed that all cigars are meticulously crafted at the Fábrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua S.A. factory. The collection boxes will be available for purchase during the upcoming 2024 PCA Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas, with shipping to retailers slated to commence in either September or October.

Umbagog Bronzeback

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is also set to introduce a new rendition of its Umbagog line, paying homage to the revered Henry Clay cigars from the 1980s and 1990s.

Named the Umbagog Bronzeback, this Rothschild-sized cigar measures 5 x 48 and boasts a slightly altered Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, reminiscent of the one adorning the classic Henry Clay cigar. While retaining Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos, the Bronzeback distinguishes itself with a “2LS” Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, replacing the “Medium/#1 Dark” variant featured in the original Umbagog blend.

Priced at $9.75 each, the Umbagog Bronzeback will be available in bundles of 10.
Steve Saka, founder of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, elucidated on the significance of the “2LS” designation in a Facebook post, explaining that these leaves, positioned between the 1/3 to 1/2 mark on the stalk, offer a distinct flavour profile characterized by a touch less sweetness and notably more peppery notes compared to traditional broadleaf wrappers.

Umbagog, named after Saka’s beloved fishing spot, Umbagog Lake State Park in New Hampshire, made its debut in early 2017. As with previous iterations, the Bronzeback is meticulously crafted at the Nicaragua American Cigars S.A. (NACSA) facility in Estelí.
The Umbagog Bronzeback will be showcased at the 2024 PCA Convention & Trade Show from March 23-25 in Las Vegas, with bundles slated to hit retailer shelves in April.

Sin Compromiso #4

Who dares to defy convention by launching a cigar brand with five sizes, none of which is a robusto? Steve Saka, that’s who. And that’s precisely why Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, under Saka’s guidance, refuses to offer a robusto size for its Sin Compromiso line.

Enter the Sin Compromiso No. 4, a 5 x 54 robusto extra meticulously crafted with a Mexican San Andrés Negro “Cultivo Tonto” wrapper, encasing an Ecuadorian habano-seed binder and filler tobaccos sourced from Nicaragua. Saka explained that this particular vitola demanded a unique blend tailored specifically for its format.

Packaged in boxes of 13, each Sin Compromiso No. 4 cigar bears an MSRP of $17.95, translating to a box price of $233.36. These cigars are expertly rolled at the Fábrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua S.A.

Debuting in 2018, the Sin Compromiso line, whose name translates to “without compromise” in Spanish, embodies Saka’s vision of creating a cigar unbound by the usual constraints of materials, time, and costs that dictate the production of many cigar lines.

Saka elaborated on his decision regarding the robusto vitola in a Facebook post, stating, “When creating and blending Sin Compromiso, I was never satisfied with the robusto vitola. It always seemed a little off, so when we launched the brand in 2019, I decided to just not include arguably the most popular format. (This is) a 5.00 x 54 prensado robusto whose blend is now perfectly tailored for its format and to suit its namesake.”

With the addition of the No. 4, the Sin Compromiso line boasts nine distinct vitolas released thus far, though production of the Selección Espada Estoqu was discontinued last year.

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