November 2023

Vector-KGM is set to add a vibrant burst of colour to its renowned ICON I and ICON IV lighters, enhancing the visual appeal of these touch-sensitive ignition models. Following the recent introduction of five UV colourways, the company has unveiled an additional four captivating options scheduled for an early release in the upcoming year.

The ICON I, priced at $90, boasts an inline triple-flame torch, while the ICON IV, available at $95, features a wide flat flame. Both models are equipped with a touch-sensitive ignition panel and come with the assurance of the company’s no-proof warranty. Measuring 3.32 x 1.53 x .68 inches, these lighters are engineered to deliver consistent performance even at altitudes of up to 10,000 feet.

Addressing feedback and continuous improvement, Vector-KGM has reworked the ICON IV since its original release, addressing concerns about the flame’s underpowered performance. The lighters exhibit a sleek design and are adorned with striking patterns on both sides.

The four new colour options include:
• Gold Navy Blue Waves
• Pink Blue Crackle
• Native Turquoise
• Black Tan Ripple

These vibrant additions will be available for purchase in January, complementing the already existing five colour options. The ICON I and ICON IV lighters not only deliver on aesthetics but also prioritize functionality, making them reliable companions for enthusiasts who appreciate a touch of style in their smoking accessories.

Vector-KGM has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation and design, and the incorporation of UV colourways into its lighters, including the Bishop model, further expands the array of choices for consumers seeking both performance and visual appeal in their smoking accessories.

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