Date: May 2024
Author: Inspector X

Bond Roberts, the renowned online auction platform for aged, rare, and vintage Cuban cigars, launched its new brand, Bond Roberts Cigars, at the Paramount Worldcenter in Miami on Saturday, April 27 and in Hong Kong on the 12th or May.

The events, hosted by Bond Roberts CEO Rob Ayala, brought together a group of cigar enthusiasts and notable figures in the cigar world, including Oscar Valladares, Hamlet Paredes, and Rob Fox from JJ Fox, to celebrate the brand’s debut. The event in Hong Kong featured Oscar Valladares, Rob Fox and Rob Ayala, but Hamlet Paredes was missing in action.

The cigars, crafted by the acclaimed Cuban cigar roller Hamlet Paredes, are produced at Oscar Valladares’ factory in Honduras under the innovative Fabrica 5 concept. This concept is designed to enhance the cigar-smoking experience by appealing to all five senses.

The initial offerings in the Bond Roberts Cigars line include two distinctive vitolas: the Petit 109 (50 ring gauge x 5 7/8 inches) and the 109 (50 ring gauge x 7 ¼ inches). These will soon be joined by additional formats such as the Dalia and Flying Pig, chosen for their rarity in both the Cuban and broader cigar markets.
The cigars feature predominantly Honduran and Nicaraguan blends, providing a unique flavour profile that distinguishes them in the market. Rob Ayala explained that Bond Roberts Cigars aims to provide top-quality cigars at accessible prices, a response to the recent price increases by Habanos SA worldwide. “With the expertise of Hamlet Paredes and the oversight of our ‘Quorum’—a group of international cigar aficionados—we ensure that each vitola’s blend meets our high standards,” said Ayala.

Hamlet Paredes, who leads the production at Fabrica 5, expressed his enthusiasm for the project. “Working with Oscar Valladares’ team has been an exciting and rewarding endeavour. I am eager to continue developing the Bond Roberts Cigars brand and furthering the Fabrica 5 concept,” he said.

The brand’s artwork, designed by Cuban creative expert Angel Miranda Battle, features a single branded band on each cigar. The cigars are packaged in elegant 25-count Cabinet Selection boxes adorned with the Bond Roberts logo.

Starting July 1, 2024, Bond Roberts Cigars will be available in the UK through JJ Fox and across Europe and Asia via other partners. In the US, distribution will begin in September 2024 through the Bond Roberts Specialists concept. The brand plans to introduce up to two new vitolas each year, ensuring a continuous evolution and expansion of their offerings.

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