February 2024

Tabacalera is releasing three new cigars, two limited edition releases for VegaFina and a brand-new Flor de Copan cigar. The VegaFina releases are the second release of the VegaFina Nicaragua Esteli and the Year of the Dragon, while Flor de Copan celebrates its 20th birthday with a cigar.

VegaFina Nicaragua Esteli

VegaFina presents a new limited edition where the Nicaraguan origin takes on its maximum expression: VF Nicaragua Estelí, which offers a selection of cigars that differ from the standard blend because their filler contains tobaccos exclusively from the Estelí region, which is considered the capital of the country’s tobacco industry.

Following the launch in previous years of VF Nicaragua Ometepe, VF Nicaragua Jalapa, or VF Nicaragua Puro Origen, VegaFina Nicaragua Estelí offers the full flavour of tobacco from this region, which is characterized by its dark and dense soils, as well as by the cultivation of plants exposed directly to the sun. The blend, created by the Grupo de Maestros de Tabacalera de García, gives us a cigar with more character and a flavour dominated by notes of coffee, raisins, and molasses.
For this occasion, the selected vitola is a very special one, Salomones, a double-Figurado format that is not present in the brand’s standard portfolio.

VegaFina Nicaragua Estelí is presented in an original box containing 12 cigars, ideal for aficionados who like different vitolas. The cigar is dressed with an elegant ring that, like the box, reflects details of the pictorial art of the Estelí region. Although you can light the cigar without cutting its base, we recommend to make a small cut to facilitate the draw in the first puffs.

More information:
Vitola: Salomones (52 ring-gauge x 146 mm length)
Presentation: box of 12 cigars.

Tasting card:
Wrapper: mature, silky, matte brown.
Strength: medium-strong.
Aroma: woody, toasted and spicy, with nuances of cedar, coffee, cocoa, vanilla and pepper.
Taste: tobacco, woody, toasted, spicy, with sweet spikes that leave an aftertaste of cedar, grape, coffee, cocoa, pepper and molasses with a touch of aged rum.
Draw: very good.
Combustion: even and homogeneous.
Ash: light grey with medium grey matte veins.
Smoking time: 50 – 55 min approx.

VegaFina Year of the Dragon

VegaFina is once again presenting its aficionados with its eagerly awaited Chinese New Year special edition, inspired by the zodiacal calendar for 2024, the Year of the Dragon.

Endowed with innate courage, tenacity and intelligence, Dragons are enthusiastic and self-confident. They are not afraid of challenges and are willing to take risks, and to celebrate this, VegaFina proposes a selection of premium cigars hand-made with a balanced blend specially created for the occasion with tobacco leaves from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Ecuador, rolled in an original long magnum vitola (54 x 171 mm wrapper) finished with an original double pigtail. The result is a cigar that stands out for its refined aroma and rich flavour with notes of cedar, vanilla and nuts.

VegaFina Year of the Dragon 2024 is presented in an attractive numbered box, lacquered in red and with an original gold design, in which 16 cigars are arranged in two blocks of 8 (the lucky number in China), which are carefully dressed with the brand’s standard ring band and with an additional one at the foot to match the box.
This special edition will be released worldwide in limited quantities.

More information:
Vitola: Long Magnum (54-ring gauge x 171 mm length)
Presentation: box of 16 cigars

Tasting card:
Wrapper: dark-brown colour, silky and very attractive.
Strength: soft.
Aroma: Intense tobacco notes toasted and spicy. It leaves memories of fresh cedar, hazelnut, light coffee, vanilla and nutmeg.
Taste: Toasted, somewhat roasted, with notes of dried fruits and raisins, spices and vague sweet hints, leaving a soft aftertaste of cedar, natural coffee, almond, vanilla, clove and molasses.
Draw: very good.
Combustion: excellent, very even and homogeneous.
Ash: light grey with medium-grey seams, compact and stable.
Smoking time: 80’/90’ approx.

Flor de Copán 20 Aniversario Gran Reserva

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Flor de Copán presents Flor de Copán 20 Aniversario Gran Reserva, the new special edition that offers the brand’s first Gran Reserva.

A selection of cigars handmade with tobacco leaves that have been carefully aged for a minimum period of 5 years, conferring a unique personality to the blend, which is distinguished by its mild to medium strength and its balanced character with notes of vanilla and almond.

This limited edition is presented in an attractive box containing 10 cigars with a ring gauge: 48 x length: 159 mm wrapper topped with a beautiful pigtail. An elegant vitola named “Rosas” as a tribute to the birthplace of the brand, Santa Rosa de Copan.

The cigars, which are dressed with the standard band and two bands specially created for the occasion, are wrapped in the brand’s unmistakable cedar foil, this time personalized with the name of the vitola.

Flor de Copán celebrates its 20th anniversary. Originally from Honduras, this premium cigar brand is produced in the oldest cigar factory in the Central American country: La Flor de Copán, founded in 1796.

In addition to Honduran tobacco, the brand combines other varieties from Nicaragua, a neighbouring country with similar soils, which makes its blend even richer. Thus, Flor de Copán offers cigars that stand out for their mild-medium strength and aroma accompanied by balanced flavours.

Flor de Copán is one of the premium cigar brands that best represents the true Honduran spirit and reaches aficionados almost all over the world, as it has a presence in more than 25 important and traditional international markets such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland, in addition to the growing development of the brand in Asia, America and the Middle East and its expansion to other territories such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, or Brazil.

More information:
Vitola: Rosas (48 ring gauge x 159 mm length, pigtail finish)
Presentation: wooden box of 10 cigars.

Tasting card:
Wrapper: light brown colour, smooth, with a certain silkiness, and with brightness.
Strength: soft – medium.
Aroma: woody, with notes of cedar, coffee, vanilla and almond.
Taste: woody, toasted, earthy and mineral, with notes of nutmeg, leather, almond and coffee.
Draw: very good.
Burning: even and homogeneous.
Ash: light grey metallic colour with darker veins, firm and compact.
Smoking time: 60 minutes approximately.

Filler: Honduras y Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra

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