February 2024

Davidoff Cigars Launches Exclusive Zodiac Series Collector’s Edition, Limited to 100 Sets Worldwide

In an exciting announcement for cigar aficionados and collectors alike, Davidoff Cigars has unveiled its latest masterpiece: The Davidoff The Year of Collector’s Edition. This meticulously curated collection, with only 100 sets available globally, comprises 96 premium handmade cigars. Each set celebrates the Chinese Zodiac, featuring cigars from the Year of the Snake in 2013 to the Year of the Dragon in 2024.

A Journey Through the Zodiac

The inception of Davidoff’s Zodiac series in 2013, beginning with the Year of the Snake Limited Edition, marked the dawn of a new and exciting chapter in the brand’s rich narrative. Known worldwide for its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and the unparalleled quality of its offerings, Davidoff embarked on a distinctive global journey. This journey was not just a venture into new product lines but a harmonious blend of the rich, millennia-old traditions of the Chinese zodiac with the sophisticated and refined artistry of cigar making. The result was a series that was unique not only in its concept but also in its execution, each year’s limited edition eagerly awaited by enthusiasts and collectors alike for its unique blend and design, inspired by the corresponding zodiac sign of the year.

With each annual release, Davidoff managed to capture the essence and attributes of the zodiac animal it represented, turning each cigar into a narrative of its own. From the wisdom and elegance captured in the Year of the Snake edition to the dynamic energy and powerful presence evoked by the Year of the Horse, Davidoff’s blenders and designers went to great lengths to ensure that each edition resonated with the character traits of the zodiac sign it celebrated. This dedication to authenticity and quality was evident in the meticulous attention to detail, from the blend of the tobacco to the intricate designs on the packaging. As the series progressed, it not only continued to pay homage to the Chinese zodiac’s rich cultural heritage but also showcased Davidoff’s commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence in the world of premium cigars.

Inspiration and Craftsmanship

Edward Simon, the Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff, offered an insightful glimpse into the intricate creative process that underpins the development of these remarkable cigars. He explained how the distinct characteristics and traits associated with each zodiac sign have been a continuous source of inspiration for the series. This deep dive into the essence of each sign has guided not only the aesthetic design of each cigar but also its blend and the overall packaging concept. For example, the larger zodiac signs—such as the Horse, Ox, and Dragon—naturally led to the creation of more generously sized cigars, reflecting the boldness and grandeur of these signs. This approach showcases Davidoff’s commitment to ensuring that each cigar not only embodies the spirit of its zodiac sign but also offers a unique smoking experience tailored to its symbolic attributes.

In contrast, the design for the Rabbit perfecto cigar was meticulously crafted to gradually unveil its depth and complexity, akin to the way the Rabbit sign is perceived to reveal its nuances and character over time. This thoughtful consideration in the design and creation process highlights the brand’s dedication to capturing the essence of each zodiac sign in a manner that resonates with aficionados. Simon’s enthusiasm for integrating twelve years of accumulated expertise into this collection is palpable. He notes with pride how this endeavor has pushed the boundaries of craftsmanship and packaging design to new heights, setting a new benchmark for luxury and creativity in the cigar industry. Through this series, Davidoff has not only celebrated the cultural richness of the Chinese zodiac but has also reinforced its reputation for innovation and excellence in the art of cigar making.

Historical Significance

The Zodiac series by Davidoff is a testament to the brand’s pioneering spirit and its profound respect for tradition and historical legacy. Commencing with the Year of the Snake edition, the series marked the advent of a novel epoch in the realm of luxury cigars, setting new benchmarks for creativity and excellence. This initiative not only showcased Davidoff’s capacity for innovation but also its dedication to preserving and celebrating rich cultural traditions through the art of cigar making. Each edition in the series, meticulously crafted to embody the essence of the respective zodiac sign, has been a journey through the complexities of blending and design. Davidoff’s relentless pursuit of perfection ensured that every edition not only vividly represented the characteristics of its zodiac sign but also aligned with the elevated standards anticipated by its discerning clientele.

Throughout the years, as the series unfolded from the Snake to the Dragon, Davidoff skillfully navigated the intricate art of cigar blending and design, infusing each creation with a piece of history and a touch of the contemporary. This balancing act between tradition and innovation allowed the brand to forge a unique identity in the luxury cigar market, where reverence for the past is harmonized with a forward-thinking approach. The Zodiac series, thus, stands as a significant milestone in Davidoff’s storied history, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence, its respect for cultural heritage, and its ability to inspire and captivate the imaginations of cigar enthusiasts around the world.

Exclusive Availability

The Davidoff The Year of Collector’s Edition will be exclusively revealed and made available at Davidoff of Geneva since 1911 flagship stores in Geneva, Hong Kong, and New York City. Set to be released in spring 2024 to coincide with the Chinese New Year, the collection offers a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to own a piece of cigar history. With only 100 sets available, it underscores Davidoff’s commitment to offering exclusive, high-quality products to its discerning customers.

This latest release from Davidoff not only celebrates the completion of a full zodiac cycle but also stands as a testament to the brand’s legacy of excellence, innovation, and respect for cultural traditions. The Davidoff The Year of Collector’s Edition is a landmark achievement that bridges the past with the present, offering a rare and luxurious experience for cigar lovers around the world.

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