Date: May 2024
Author: Inspector X

Bond Roberts, the esteemed online platform renowned for its global Cuban cigar auctions, ventures into new territory with the launch of its own cigar brand, aptly named Bond Roberts Cigars. This milestone was marked by an exclusive launch party held at the Paramount Miami World Center in Miami, orchestrated by Bond Roberts CEO Rob Ayala.

The event garnered attention from industry luminaries such as Robert Fox, managing director of James J. Fox, Hamlet Paredes, the master blender behind the cigar, and Oscar Valladares, whose Honduras-based factory is responsible for producing Bond Roberts Cigars. Embracing a departure from the vintage Cuban cigars typically associated with Bond Roberts, these new offerings showcase a blend exclusively comprised of Honduran tobaccos, complemented by select Nicaraguan leaves in the filler. Paredes, drawing inspiration from the “Fabrica 5 concept,” meticulously crafted these cigars with a focus on stimulating all five senses.

Described as medium-bodied, the cigars signify a bold step into uncharted territory for the brand. Paredes expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Developing the blends and overseeing production with Oscar Valladares’ team has been an exciting and formidable project. I look forward to further developing Bond Roberts Cigars and the Fabrica 5 concept.

The inaugural release features two sizes, both boasting a “109”-style belicoso head: the Petit 109, measuring 5 7/8 inches by 50 ring gauge, and the 109, extending to 7 1/4 inches by 50. Remarkably, these cigars offer an accessible price range of $16 to $25, in stark contrast to the lofty prices often associated with vintage Cuban cigars.

Rob Ayala elaborated on the brand’s ethos, emphasizing the commitment to delivering exceptional quality at approachable price points, ensuring accessibility without compromising on excellence. Plans for expansion include the introduction of two additional sizes annually, with the Dalia slated for December and the Flying Pig for March of the following year. Each box will contain 25 cigars.

International distribution is set to commence on July 1st, with James J. Fox handling distribution in the United Kingdom and COH Cigars overseeing Europe and Asia. Anticipation builds as the brand prepares for its United States debut, scheduled for November. Bond Roberts Cigars heralds a new chapter for enthusiasts worldwide, promising unparalleled craftsmanship and an inclusive approach to premium cigar enjoyment.

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