Top 19 Cigars Under $5

This post, originally published in November 2012, has been updated in 2014.

Following the blog post about the best options when selecting cigars as a gift, it’s now time to cover the budget cigars area. Indeed, there are so many cheap cigars out there (think about all those bundles from large distributors) that it’s rather hard to find a sub-$5 stick that fits the bill. Of course, when you buy a sampler or even a box of such cigars, the stakes are not high, but still, we’re always better off with some guidance.

Below is a list of our favorite cigars that cost under $5 if bought by box. Keep in mind that this selection is subjective, so your mileage may vary, as usual. And if you don’t find your favorite budget cigar below, let us know in the comments area!

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente

Natural or Maduro (or even Sun-Grown), these cigars from one of the major manufacturers rarely disappoint. Well-built, with a medium body, they can be lit daily.
[review of the natural] [review of the maduro]

CAO La Traviata

CAO La Traviata Favorito

The La Traviata is quite a complex cigar, and is definitely worth trying. One of the best price/quality ratios out there.
[review / another review]

CAO Osa Sol

CAO Osa Sol

Another budget smoke from CAO, the Osa Sol was the first blend released after the acquisition of the brand by General Cigar. Admittedly they did a good job.

EP Carrillo New Wave

EP Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Brillantes

Find these on sale and you can easily get them under $5, maybe under $4. EP Carrillo New Wave cigars feature a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican longfillers housed in an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Great choice for a mild, creamy smoke at a low price.

Alec Bradley American Classic

Alec Bradley American Classic

Connecticut wrappers are rare guests in most lists, but this one definitely should not be missed. Alec Bradley American Classic is the brand’s entry in the budget cigars market, and it’s a success.

Alec Bradley American Sun Grown

For more punch, consider another Alec Bradley’s line, American Sun Grown. With the same filler as American Classic, it uses a Nicaraguan sun-grown habano wrapper which gives it a rich, spicy flavor profile. If you’re a fan of spicy cigars, this is one you won’t want to miss.

La Aurora 107

La Aurora 107 Robusto

Whether you can get these for under $5 will depend on how good a deal you snag, but you should find them close to that price. A suggestion from one of our readers, these cigars feature Nicaraguan and Dominican longfillers in an Ecuadorian wrapper. Flavors are earthy, creamy, woody, and nutty, with a hint of spice and sweetness.

El Rey del Mundo (non-Cuban)

El Rey del Mundo Robusto

It’s medium to full-bodied and has a nice mix of sweet and woody flavors. This is one of those cigars that range in price a bit, but if you do some hunting, you can get it for under $5 and even under $4.

Gurkha Royal Challenge

Gurkha Royal Challenge

What? A Gurkha? It may sound strange, but this Royal Challenge is actually rather good. And at $5, unlike most other offerings that sell for $10+, a sampler of these is affordable.


Brickhouse Churchill

Does this cigar really have to be on all lists? Seems like the answer is yes, unless they decide to double the MSRP. Until then, let’s enjoy these fine smokes.

Perdomo Lot 23

Perdomo Lot 23 Churchill

These cigars sell for close to $5 or just a few cents more. Expect a medium-bodied smoke with a balance of earthy and creamy flavors. You can purchase these with several different types of wrappers.

Diesel Unlimited Maduro

You can pick up a box of these cheap cigars for around $3.50 per stick. This is another full-bodied smoke, this time with a Broadleaf maduro wrapper. A San Andres binder and a filler blended from Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos complete the mix. If you enjoy sweeter flavors, you will love the notes of coffee and cocoa with a hint of spice and leather. The Habano-wrapped version is equally very good!

Toraño Master Series

Torano Master Series Churchill

Another major manufacturer with a budget smoke. And, again, the results are pretty good. Torano Master Series is a frequent guest in my humidor, thanks to its bold flavor and reliable construction.

Room 101 Big Payback

You can get this Nicaraguan puro easily for $5 or less. Enjoy flavors that are sweet and spicy with a medium to full-bodied profile.

Padron 2000

Padron 2000 Maduro

Of course, we couldn’t leave this one out. Padron 2000 was one of the best cheap stogies when I started smoking cigars. It stood its ground.

Curivari Buenaventura

Curivari Buenaventura

The flavors and aromas are delightful, and while it does not throw any major twists or turns, the subtle variations keep things interesting, and the blend is very nice from start to finish. All of this at around $5.

Bucanero Z

Bucanero Z

Bucanero only distributes its cigars directly through its website, so you have to buy from them directly (no, they did not go out of business; this seems to be a common and incorrect rumor). Bucanero Z cigars are available for under $5 and are very popular. Flavors are toasty and spicy with a sweet finish.

Flor de Oliva

Flor de Oliva Presidente

Not a flavor bomb by any means, the Flor de Oliva is a good quality stick at a super price. Can be enjoyed by any smoker, beginner or veteran.

Ambos Mundos Habano

Ambos Mundos Short

A “value” line from Pete Johnson, the Ambos Mundos Habano is a very solid blend with all the ingredients for a great smoke. A no-brainer at this price point.

Thanks for checking out our updated list of the best cigars under $5! Hopefully you found something new to try. As always, we love your feedback and appreciate your suggestions. Please share your favorite stogies under $5 in the comments below, and we may feature your suggestions in our next updated list!

29 thoughts on “Top 19 Cigars Under $5

  1. I’m new to cigars…thought I’d start near the top of the list…started with an Alec Bradley American Classic, Gordo. I’m about half way through it, and still not happy…Not sure how to describe it, but it’s not smooth, creamy, or that enjoyable. I’m hoping it ends well.

  2. New wave did not taste good to me

  3. I’ve seen a few good bargain lists….no one mentioning Don Diego….been around for a long time, built well, tastes great. Their Corona’s are 30-45 minutes of enjoyment and you can’t beat the price. Love the Perdomo Lot 23s,

  4. So new to cigars that I really can’t pick a favorite yet.

  5. Still finding this list useful in 2016!

  6. Recently discovered Azan Burgundy and Azan White. Both under $5. Decent everyday smoke at a good price. Now if you want to kick it up a notch – Tatuaje Reserva and Herrera Esteli get it done for a few bucks more.

  7. Don Rafael is the best under $5 cigar I have smoked.

  8. Well said Komodota. There are a few recent additions to the list as well. Famous Smoke’s “house-Padilla”, the Crianza robusto, smokes beautifully with a few months age for $4. Cigar Journal’s cigar of the year, the AJ Fernandez New World, is also available in Robusto for under $5 if you shop around.

  9. Update. The Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde Maduro and the Illusione “R” Rothchilde have grown even more in Under $5.00 legend status. Get an aged box of the SLR Rothchilde Maduro and you’re approaching sublime status.

  10. I’ve smoked almost all of the cigars on this list, and not to be too blunt about it, but most of them are garbage. The Curivari is excellent, although I can’t remember ever paying less than $5 for one. Likewise, the Padron and the LaAurora are good smokes. My suggestion, though, is save an extra $2 or $3 and get something decent. After all, cigars are meant to be enjoyed.

  11. I personally would have to add the Omar Ortez maduro puro…These are a great everyday stogie….The draw is nice flavors are their….Burns good… For an hour and a half during a football game not bad…Also i can’t forget the SLR reserva especial maduro…Enough said….These should make your list…

  12. I would buy,(just did), the BV 560 at 50% more. Among those mentioned above this is the stand out choice for any one who enjoys a medium strength cigar. Seriously, buy some now. Just ordered the El Gran Rey as well and will comment after some humidor time.

  13. Thanks for your comment Mike, great additions!

  14. Thanks for updating the post. I’ve smoked all of these except the La Aurora 107, Gurkha and Room 101, and the Bucanero which I’d never heard of. I have to agree they are all great value, especially the Curivari and the Torano Master. Now for my 10 cents’ worth – I’m very surprised not to see the Illusione “R” Rothchildes on the list.

    A few personal choices include:
    Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Cordoba – $2.70
    La Flor Domincana Ligero L250 – $5 (shop around)
    A Flores Gran Reserva Half Corona – $5
    CAO Brazilia Gol! – $4.50
    Heisenberg by Quesada Corona – $5
    Perla Del Mar Perla M – $5
    Tatuaje Tattoo Caballero – $5
    L’Atelier El Suelo Prado – $4.50
    La Aroma De Cuba Rothschild – $5

  15. Oliva G, Maduro Belicoso fits the bill. Outstanding cigar in all respects. Great taste, easy draw, nice burn…..all at a reasonable price!

  16. My vote goes for the Macanudo Maduro Ascot. Although small, this panatela is big on rich, spicy flavor and packs a punch equal to many mild coronas. Tightly hand-rolled, it lasts almost as long as many coronas too. Here in BC it’s $50 for a tin of 10, but a web search brings up MSRP $18/10 in the US – truly a bargain, practically a stocking-stuffer.

  17. To join with Komo…Not in a critical fashion but simply in the spirit of feedback, maybe just make the title with a defining time period, “5 Best for under 5 bucks…from the Easter Bunny” Something that would allow a new article without having to update an update of an update…just a thought.

    I can find great ones under 5 not mentioned here. Here are a few I like. I am a bargain shopper…and not in a particular order: Diesel Unltd.Maduro, Asylum 13 (smaller sizes- I prefer the 6×60 for just over 6 bucks), Kentucky Fire Cured, El Rey del Mundo Oscuro, and one of my faves is the Joya de Nicaragua Antano (robustos for a few pennies over 5.).

  18. I thInk punch has a good taste and are reasonably prIced

  19. NC- best cheap cigar Consuegra
    CC- Parti Short

  20. Please do not for a moment consider my comments critical in any way. In fact, with your original post on the subject, I and others would not have discovered these wonderful cigars. Rather, I respect your opinions enough that my intent was/is to get more/new recommendations from you. As such, I look forward to the update.

  21. @Komodota
    An update to this post is planned before the end of the year. Additional suggestions / guest reviews are welcome 🙂
    We’ve got over 1,700 unique articles, so it’s pretty hard to keep all of them updated. The cigars presented in this list remain on the market as far as I know and didn’t experience a drastic drop in quality, so the update will be mostly about adding a few more cheap smokes among the recent releases.

  22. I am a big fan of this site as it tends to be candid in its reviews, especially premium cigars. If a cigar does not measure up in your opinion, you tell it like it is. However, some of your content is VERY dated and some of this content is very important to a knowledgeable cigar audience.

    In particular, it would great if you updated your Best Cigars under $5.00. I am a HUGE FAN of the Saint Luis Rey Rothchilde Maduro, The CAO La Traviata Radiante Maduro, the Illusione “R”Rothchilde and the Alec Bradley American Sun Grown. These are just a few IMHO but I would to see an update of your list.

  23. I have to agree the Gurkha Royal challenge is delicious. I am not sure my shop had it for less than $5 but is a great cigar.

  24. That Flor de Oliva is pure garbage brother. The Perdomo Lot23 should def replace that cigar.

  25. Diesel Shorty or Unholy Cocktail. Great all around and flavor in spades! Also, Ava Maria in any size. Tasty!!

  26. I’d add the Nub 464 Habano to the list. Weird vitola, but a good smoke that lasts a surprisingly long time.

    Perhaps not widely available, but Partagas Shorts (Cuban) are a great deal at $4-5 when bought by the cabinet.

  27. What Mr C said. The New Wave.

  28. The standard La Aurora Robusto is consistently great.

  29. EP Carillo New Wave?

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