Date: December 2010
Author: Cigar Inspector

Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios

It’s the middle of December again and, like every year, I am bringing you the list of the best Cuban cigars of 2010 (strictly based on my personal experiences). In fact, I’m quite surprised at the result because, for instance, I would never have thought that two cigars of a brand that I never particularly liked could make it to the list. Note: these are not just 2010 releases (in fact, none of these were released in 2010…) but simply my favorite cigars that I smoked in 2010.

  1. Cohiba Genios. No, not the Behike. Although the new release is certainly an excellent cigar, I think that the Genios are more complex and flavorful. This is a cigar I take out of the humidor for special occasions only; I must have smoked 5 or 6 this year and they all were amazing.
  2. Partagas Shorts. I could have placed this one on the top, but nobody would take that list seriously, so here goes. Due to the lack of free time (and recent cold weather), the Shorts, along with another cigar that you will soon discover, has been my go-to stick. I managed to acquire some aged boxes, have been ageing them some more and with 3-4 years they are just amazing.
  3. Trinidad Robusto T. Still as good as last year, Trinidad Robusto T resists and only loses a few spots. If you still haven’t tried one, do yourself a favor.
  4. Partagas 8-9-8. I rediscovered this cigar in 2010. Impulsively bought a box from 2008 in Duty Free and the 3-4 that I managed to find time to smoke were great. I will try to update that old review in 2011!
  5. Montecristo No. 5. So this is my second go-to cigar this year. Again, it’s better if you age them a couple of years like I did.

I hope you enjoyed the list and, as usual, I will be very happy to hear about your good smoking experiences in 2010. Unleash the comments!

10 thoughts on “Top Cuban Cigars of 2010

  1. How about a list of worst cuban cigars {not worth the money]

  2. As much as I like the Montecristo No. 5, I feel the Cohiba Siglo 1 is a better smoke for it’s class and price range.

    I don’t generally give any preference to brand names, but I’ve never heard anyone say a Cohiba cigar is under-rated.

  3. im totally agree with the 1st place for the cohiba genios and the trinidad robusto t, both are incredible cigars

  4. Nice list! The Partagas Shorts are my go to cigar in the winter months too. I tried my first Partagas 898, and it was a very good smoke.

  5. I love this list. Although I dont agree with everything here, the Party 8-9-9, made my worst of 2010, i think the other choices are spot on. The Trinidad T was the best new release and will be a humidor staple, for many. The Genios remain one of the most under-rated cigars in creation.
    Happy Holidays
    Drew P

  6. I did sample some limited and regional editions this year, however none seemed to me worthy of inclusion in the list. It’s as simple as that 🙂
    I have a couple of PSD LE ageing right now and they might make it to the next year’s top 5 according to all the good praise I hear about them.

  7. How does one come up with a list of top CCs for 2010 without including at least a couple of the incredible regional and limited releases this year such as the PSD LE or the RA Belicosos? Don’t tell me that this is a list of regular production cigars only because the NC list (from last year at least) included at least one special edition.

  8. In a cuban cigar top ten list a Partagas D4 should never be left off!

  9. Nice list! The Partagas Shorts are my go to cigar in the winter months too. I tried my first Partagas 898, and it was a very good smoke.

  10. Great list! I used your list last year when I was in Europe to know what to try once in a Habanos S.A.

    No Europe trip this year, but still will use it for my next buys.



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