Date: October 2011
Author: Ray

Freedom of choice

“Freedom of choice”, photograph by Krzysztof Poltorak

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest political news which concerns cigar smokers, you probably are aware that the FDA has been threatening to move in on the cigar market and institute more control—control which could severely harm the industry and result in a loss of individuality and freedom among manufacturers, their products, and the shops which distribute cigars. It’d also mean a loss of freedom of choice for the consumer.

This is the time to move against the FDA by supporting the Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act. You can do this by writing your Senator and Congressmen. At least 100 congressmen and 20 senators must be enlisted in order to ensure passage; this will only happen if their constituents explicitly ask that they support the bill(s).

You can also speak out against the FDA’s actions online (Facebook, Twitter…) and inform others of the existence of the Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Preservation Act. Every bit of help counts as this is a pivotal moment for anyone who cares about preserving the integrity and uniqueness of the premium cigar industry.

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