May 2013

The Lies about the smoking bans

The anti-smoking lobby has always had a way of making noise – and why wouldn’t they? Just like the old expression, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” This lobby knows that their goal will never be met unless they can rally enough attention for their cause. If you take a step back and look at the situation from their point of view, being so rowdy absolutely makes sense.

The problem arises when you stop to consider the actual tactics being employed by the anti-smoking lobby; the crux of their argument essentially boils down to absolute fear mongering. The lobby likes to focus on two main arguments – the health risks of smoking, especially second hand smoke to non-smokers in public areas, and the potential negative economic impact resulting from a widespread ban. However, the truth behind these arguments can be tenuous, at best.

Going through each one of these points and really taking a close look at the assertions being made and the sources that supporters of these claim pull from, it becomes more and more obvious that their proposed smoking bans are not the clear-cut good for society that the anti-smoking lobby would lead you to believe. “The Lies Behind The Smoking Bans”, a very interesting essay written by Michael McFadden does an excellent job of refuting each and every point, causing the evergreen proposed ban on smoking to seem much less credible. If you are interested in the subject, I highly suggest you download and read it.

8 thoughts on “The Lies Behind The Smoking Bans

  1. That’s at:

    I’ll be devoting a whole section of my “add-on” book to Brains to analyzing these heart studies. But there’ll be no pubic analyses in it.


  2. LOL! Good catch Mr. T! :> Funny how things slip by. One of the biggie Antismokers out there published a MAJOR study in the med journal Circulation a couple of years ago. It went all through peer-editing AND a month of prepublication online review, but STILL ended up with a VERY funny first line right in its introduction:

    “The estimated effects of recent pubic and workplace smoking restriction laws suggest that they produce significant declines in community rates of heart attack.”

    Catch it? Sixth word. :> Evidently smoke is even worse than we thought!


  3. Indeed. Your version does sound better, thanks for the correction! 🙂

  4. “However, the truth behind these arguments can be strenuous, at best”.

    I think meant to say “tenuous” at best?

  5. Awsome read. Micheal McFaddens essay is top notch and helps shine a light on the lies of these social engineers. Its not just in smoking, in all walks of life these types of people are coming for what legal, law abiding, freedom loving americans do. Then they claim its for the better of society. Ide rather be free and happy, than safe and miserable.

  6. Thank you to the Inspector for featuring my “Stiletto” (a sharp, cheap, easily produced, but deadly weapon when used right) here! I hope it helps folks when they’re confronted by Antismokers (Just hand it to them, ask them for criticisms, and then watch their heads slowly explode. Fun for all!)

    If anyone has any questions/comments about anything in it, feel free to post them here and I’ll try to stop back and respond!


  7. Komodota: Do it. Please!

    I’m in the UK, but I’d travel to join up with that. 🙂

  8. Help me understand something. Have cigars been declared an illicit illegal substance say like cocaine or heroin? Has smoking a cigar been declared a banned, unlawful, illegal activity?

    Then how the hell are we in this situation? Every anti-smoking ban/law, you name it has been originated from cigarettes, not cigars.

    I say we organize a two million cigar smoker (nah make it 3 million) march on Washington. No law makers, The Supreme Court, Obama Administration could ignore the simultaneous ignition of 3 million torch lighters and the symbolic mushroom cloud of smoke rising in the sky to say – we have the right to do something that is NOT against the law.

    The TV and press coverage would be spectacular and we would have the access and voice to finally get our view (aka rights) in front of the world. Cigar smokers from all walks of life. America at its best. And our collective economic might right there on display. And in case anyone forgets, in the fight to preserve (I repeat) a “legal” action.

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