January 2009

The inevitable happened – SCHIP was officially introduced in House Ways & Means Committee. Cigars smokers should expect an increase of maximum $0.40 per stick. Fortunately, it’s way below $3 which was originally proposed.

For more information please visit The Stogie Guys who are (as always) first to reveal legislation-related cigar news.

7 thoughts on “SCHIP Cigar Tax Increase Unveiled

  1. Congress are just a bunch of pigs feeding from the taxpayer trough. ANY tax increase is a bad one. This is an especially bad one because of the effect it has on the regions that grow and roll the tobacco. Cigar production keeps a lot of people in an honest/legal business in South America. If they can’t sell their cigars they’ll be forced to grow something else. How much do we spend on drug enforcement in the is country?

  2. Anyone notice that it doesn’t make a difference whether or not the tax is regressive or not?
    It is an added tax on what you and I do for our pleasure–smoke a good cigar. Why do the morons in the congress continually have to get into our business and tax us. Illegals, kids whose parents make less that $83,000 per year. That’s who we are funding. Doesn’t this pi## you off as much as me?

  3. It’s actually pushing me to stock some cigars I would not normally buy before the increase. I think it may be time to pick up the 08 liberty series from camacho.

  4. Anyone notice it’s a REGRESSIVE tax? The Rich, who are buying $10 and up for top cigars, will pay 2-4% more in tax. The average guy with his bargain cigars will pay in the 20% extra tax range. This will be devastating for the $5 and under stogies as the higher the price, the less tax punishment. Thanks a lot, Democrats!

  5. 40 cents vs. $3. Guess I should be happy right? And yet still my frustration lingers. Taxing certain segments of society usually produces the opposite of the intended effect. I guess we’ll just wait and see….

  6. It’s an extra cost to the consumer, but as many have noted, it’s a lot less than the first proposal. I’ll survive, and though I may smoke more cheap cigars more often, and expensive cigars less often, I’ll continue to buy cigars.

  7. That’s not to bad considering the benefit that it will bring. if they really want to make some money for the program the tax should go into effect on the day Cuban cigars are legal for sale. Not even the most right-wing person will hesitate to spend an extra 40 cents on a legal cuban.

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