Date: February 2011
Author: Ray

Romeo y Julieta Julieta: Habanos releases a cigar for women

The world of cigar smoking has traditionally been a sphere occupied principally by men and associated with masculinity – but that may be changing now (well, at least a little…) with the advent of Habanos S.A.’s Romeo y Julieta Julieta, a new petite Cuban cigar designed and marketed specifically toward the female connoisseur and crafted with an elegance complimentary of the fairer sex.

The new Julieta cigar is made of tobacco from the esteemed Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba and is crafted for an aromatic, brisk smoke. It measures 4 ¾ inches with a finer 33 ring gauge and comes in a 5 pack contained in a sleek, modern pink carrying case designed for convenience and style.

Habanos states that the intention behind the Julieta cigar is as much to honor those female employees already involved in the rich heritage of the cigar trade as it is to reach out to a broader female audience. “In Cuba, the participation of women is indispensable in all agricultural and manufacturing processes of Habanos. In fact, many processes are carried out by the majority of women and their particular sensibility, care and knowledge contribute to the making of such unique product as the Habano,” Habanos says in the product’s press release.

With the creation of the Romeo y Julieta Julieta, Habanos S. A. salutes all you ladies out there and invites you to become a greater part of the cigar smoking tradition, a tradition which the hard working women in Cuba have already had such an important hand in creating.

2 thoughts on “Romeo y Julieta “Julieta”: a Cuban cigar for women

  1. As a female cigar smoker, I LOVE this idea of marketing to women. I started smoking Drew Estate because of the “infused” sweetness. I have moved on to regular cigars and enjoy trying various brands.

    I attended the Big Smoke last November and a woman asked the panel of big name cigar manufacturers if they were planning to market cigars to women and none of them had any plan to do so. I think it is a fast growing market that cigar manufacturers should NOT ignore. Kudos for Romeo y Julieta!

  2. Too bad we can’t get them in the States

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