October 2023

Puro Sabor, Nicaragua’s renowned cigar festival, is set to kick off from January 22nd to the 27th, marking it as the first major cigar festival of the year. This event precedes other prominent cigar festivals like Procigar in the Dominican Republic and the Habanos Festival in Havana, Cuba.

Puro Sabor is an annual celebration of Nicaragua’s rich cigar heritage and the country’s position as a global leader in premium cigar production. It offers attendees a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of cigars, learn about the tobacco-growing and cigar-making processes, and enjoy exceptional cigars from various Nicaraguan brands.

Here are some key details about the festival:

  • Dates: January 22nd to 27th
  • Location: Nicaragua (specific locations may vary)
  • Highlights: The festival typically includes factory tours, cigar tastings, blending seminars, visits to tobacco fields, and interactions with industry experts.
  • Registration: To attend this must-visit event for cigar enthusiasts, you can contact the organizers at gerencia@purosaborcigarfest.com for more information on registration, costs, and itinerary details.

Puro Sabor is a fantastic opportunity for cigar aficionados to deepen their appreciation for Nicaraguan cigars and experience the country’s cigar culture firsthand. It’s also a chance to meet fellow cigar enthusiasts and industry professionals while enjoying the beautiful landscapes and rich flavors of Nicaragua.

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