Date: June 2008
Author: Cigar Inspector

Jose Padron Sr.

If somehow you missed the news about Padron tastings at KotF, it is really time to check it out. Lucky7 and CigarFan, assisted by famous cigar bloggers will be reviewing all original series of Padron cigars, comparing natural & maduro wrappers and finally publishing a vertical tasting. Stay tuned as I will also be contributing my notes on the Padron 4000.

…and check out the 3 comparison reviews already published:
Padron 7000
Padron Palmas
Padron Magnum

1 thought on “Padron tastings at Keepers of the Flame

  1. This project is shaping up to be fantastic! Our guest reviewers have exceeded my expectations and it is quite evident in the quality of the reviews. I’m confident the resulting resource will be of great benefit to anyone deciding on which Padron Series to choose. And we are having a great time working with our fellow cigar blogers!

    Glad to be a part of it!

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