May 2011

Paley Park

I think this is a great initiative!

William Paley, La Palina Cigars and Cigar Rights of America are hosting a legal outdoor smoke event in counterpoint to the banning of smoking in New York City’s public parks.

Samuel Paley Park is a privately owned park, set aside for the enjoyment of the people of New York by my father, William S Paley, founder of CBS. Samuel Paley, epitomized the American Dream by rising from a poor immigrant to a powerful industrialist in twenty years. He was the founder of La Palina Cigars which produced its first cigar in 1896 (review of the recent La Palina Alison here).

We hope that you can attend this event, or at least tell others about it. Let us celebrate personal liberty, self determination and the pursuit of our happiness by sharing a good cigar and observing the 44th Anniversary of the opening of Paley Park, always a smoking friendly oasis in the nanny-city of New York.

Outdoor smoke event in Paley Park, NY

1 thought on “Outdoor smoke event in Paley Park, NY

  1. The weather forecast for Monday(23), the event date is rain. Is there a rain date?

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