January 2011


Since 1962, the US embargo on Cuba has been detrimental – to say the very least. Wayne Smith, current director of the Center for International Policy’s Cuba Program quite possibly sums it up the best with his remarks on the embargo, stating that “really hasn’t done the slightest bit of good.” Fortunately enough, the Obama Administration is taking positive strides in hopes to remove the embargo altogether. While no one can explicitly state that there will be a removal any time soon, there has been definite progress in the matter. Now, it is possible for Americans to send $500 every three months to non-family members in the country.

This is an addendum to legislation that allowed for US residents to send funds to family members in the country, a policy that assuredly wasn’t necessarily in the best interests of the Cuban residents. With the sanctions in place, it gave unhappy Cubans someone to blame for their economic state, causing even more divide between the two countries. The most telling thing about removing the embargo is that it will allow for Cubans to understand that the sanctions against them is not the sole detrimental aspect of their country – allowing for them to see the weak points in their government.

But, what makes this especially great is what it means for cigar aficionados, as we’re just that closer to being able to enjoy fine Cuban cigars. While this may not mean that we should be priming ourselves for these fine goods, these moves are assuredly a step in the right direction. Since 2009, we’ve already seen much progress in lifting nearly all restrictions and remittances as far as the island nation is concerned. With growing pressure by the U.N. and other entities with economic interest, we may see an end to the blockade sooner than previously anticipated.

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  1. ugh good news but don’t get my hopes up

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