Date: October 2010
Author: Ray

Monte's first annual

If there is one thing that we cigar lovers like, it is to be properly treated. Apparently, Albuquerque-based cigar club owner, Larry Monte Jr., realized just that, and, in order to show his respect and gratitude for his customers, hosted a major event for cigar smokers.

Monte’s 1st Annual Little Big Smoke, hosted on the 25th September, at his Pueblo Pipe Shop and Club La Gloria Cubana cigar club at 3636 San Mateo NE in Albuquerque, offered cigar smokers what they long for: cigars, obviously, and delicious food – in particular, delightful slices of juicy steak and spicy, gravy –covered meatballs.

Almost 300 people attended the event. Even though the ticket was priced at $100, you will soon see that it was well worth it. First of all, 21 cigar makers with 36 different brands and deep discounts planted a booth at the event. In the long tent set up in the shop’s parking lot, you could go from table to table and end up with a plastic gift bag chock-full of over $150 worth of cigars, as well as cigar cutters from the manufacturers’ representatives.

Already sounds good, doesn’t it? Add in the food – steak, meatballs and all sorts of veggies, chips and salsa – and a cigar lover’s dream starts to take shape. In order to add more value to the event, Monte’s employees also raffled off lighters, ashtrays, caps and t-shirts every 5 minutes.

Here is what Monte has to say about the intent of this event: “We talked about the economy and the downturns and really pitched the idea that in these tough times – any time – businesses have to be aggressive,” Monte says.

Apparently, it worked very well, considering manufacturers showed up from Miami, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and other locales. If, after reading this, you are regretting you have not heard of this event in time, you’re in luck – Monte plans on doing it again next year.

“If you go out and create opportunities, people will respond,” Monte noted.

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