Date: December 2012
Author: Ray

Michael Jordans Cigar Smoking Eden

Michael Jordan not only loves cigars—he enjoys them so much that his new $12.4 million home in Jupiter, FL is going to feature a home theater especially designed to accommodate his smoking. The mansion consists of some 28,000 square feet of real estate built on three acres of land and has taken there years to construct. The property is positioned in the middle of a golf course community which is also home to Tiger Woods, called the Jack Nicklaus’ Bear Club.

The home theater will feature specially designed, cutting edge equipment which will not be damaged by the huge amounts of cigar smoke which will be wafting continuously through this room. So there you go—that’s what you can do with a lot of money and a love for cigars!

1 thought on “Michael Jordan’s Cigar Smoking Eden

  1. fyi: Last I read Tiger Woods has the 54M custom home he built in Jupiter, FL. It’s not in Bears Club, where MJ and Ernie Els resides.

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