Date: December 2010
Author: Ray

London Auction Gathers Cigar Enthusiasts

Without a shadow of doubt, cigar enthusiasts are some of the most passionate people when it comes to their hobby, as a rare Cubans auction in London recently proved.

About fifty cigar lovers gathered from around the world and spent more than $390,000 at the auction that took place on the Cigar Terrace at the Boisdale of Belgravia, one of the finest among London’s restaurants and bars.

The love for fine cigars has attracted people from distant locations to come to the auction, like renowned cigar collector Alex Wong, who travelled all over from Hong Kong.

During the night, various rare Cubans were auctioned. The highlights of the night were remarked for either their rarity and high quality, or their surprisingly low price for a box of rare Cubans.

The most heated bidding war was fought over a highly coveted Elie Bleu Presidencia Humidor, which sold at an astounding price point of $37,000. The next noticeable item of the night was a Churchill humidor, crafted to honor the memory of the famous British leader. The box was personally brought to the auction by his great granddaughter Jennie and raised $24,000 plus fees for charity purposes.

On the other side of the price spectrum, there were, among the 300 lots that were auctioned, certain bargains for the taking. High quality, aged cigars were sold for affordable prices, like a box of Partagas Presidentes from 2000 that changed owners for only $327.

At the end, one of the organizers, Mitchell Orchant, said that this was the biggest auction of rare, aged cigars ever. The auction raised an impressive amount of money for two charities, and was an extremely enjoyable night for the guests, who flew in from America, Japan, Hong Kong and various parts of Europe. Mr. Orchant’s words put it best: “It just goes to show the extraordinary passion that fine cigars still generate, despite every attempt to stop us enjoying them.”

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