November 2012

Winston Churchill Jar

An interesting gift idea!

Great people and Cuban cigars are in the past century irrevocably linked to each other. In honour of some unique personalities, La Casa del Habano Knokke developed in collaboration with portrait artist Jorg Schelfhout a set of jars. These show each a sketch of a well known smoker of the 20th century: Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro (ranking according to Cigar Aficionado). The cigars in the jar are in accordance with the preferred brand of the person depicted on the jar.

Artist Jorg Schelfhout feels an inexpressible impulsion that forces him to realize ideas in a concrete matter what stirs him inwardly. This is the source of the poetry that inspires most of his works. Each of his artworks is a compromise between sensory perception and extra – sensorial feelings. Together they build the indeterminate element in his work. In most of his works, Jorg reaches an extreme gravity, a borderline between dream and reality.

The Jars

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills (cepo 55 x 130 mm)
A 2010 release.
Price: € 495

H. Upmann Robustos (cepo 50 x 124 mm)
A 2012 Edición Limitada release.
Price: €495

Cohiba 1966 (cepo 52 x 166 mm)
(Cañonazo Especial)
A 2011 Edición Limitada release (Linea Clásica), in honour of the 45th anniversary of Cohiba
Price: € 1.095

Price for 3 jars: € 1.895

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  1. @senkal
    Your only bet is the LCDH Knokke I guess, check if they still have it in stock.

  2. hallo, where can i buy the john f. kennedy jar?

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