Date: November 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Lebanon gets Daughters of the Wind. The most talked-about release from Casdagli Cigars is heading to Lebanon. Jeremy Casdagli and Woody Ghsoubi from Hand Rolled Distribution Company confirmed the news to us. Other Casdagli cigars are already available, but at the end of this month, the Daughters of the Wind should be on the shelves of tobacconists. 

Casdagli and the Middle East

There is a strong connection between Casdagli and the Middle East. The brand is very popular in the region. And that’s not just because the Arabs like the flavors and quality of the cigars. The Casdagli family history has roots in the region. In Egypt to be more precise. In the early 1900s, the Casdagli family moved to Cairo. There they owned a stable, where they were breeding Arabian horses. And the monumental Dubara palace in Cairo is based on a former villa owned by the Casdagli family. Villa Casdagli also functioned as the American Embassy, and as a base for other diplomats.

The daughters of the Wind name also draws its inspiration from the Middle East. Daughters of the Wind is a famous Arab poem from the 6th century. The artwork for the Daughters of the Wind line shows a horse, linking the poem and the family history of breeding horses in the Middle East.

Daughters of the Wind

The line is made at the IGM Factory in San Jose, Costa Rica. An exclusive boutique factory. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano. The binder comes from Costa Rica. It’s grown by IGM on the mountains surrounding San Jose. The filler comes from Peru and the Dominican Republic. Lebanon gets Daughters of the Wind complete line. That means that parejo sizes Cremelo (7½x39) and Dahman (7⅒x56) are inbound. As well as the 6⅒x52 Torpedo called Calico, the 6¼x58-60 Sabino (Figurado), and the 7⅓x50-57 Salomone called Rabicano. Plus the re-release of the Pony Express. A review of the Casdagli Daughters of the Wind Calico is scheduled for later this month.

Ghsoubi partner, Najat Abdo, hosted a few blind tastings amongst friends and Lebanese cigar aficionados. The feedback on the Daughters of the Wind was unanimously, this is a cigar that should be available in Lebanon. The other Casdagli lines are already available and best sellers in the portfolio of Hand Rolled Distribution Company.

Ministry of Cigars - Lebanon gets Daughters of the Wind

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