March 2019

We were very excited a month ago when we received in the post a very sexy little plastic cube with the great logo of La Casa Del Tabaco

We then received a link to download their new mobile app. A great and user friendly interface that allows you basically to do everything… but smoke!!

You can buy your favorite cigars, browse from countries to countries or brands, but as well buy accessories.
The greatest part for us was to Link the devices we received in the post with the application. This little synchronisation allow the user to follow almost instantly the temperature and humidity in their cigar humidors .We had two devices so we could inspect the two humidors at the same time.
After a month of usage you can also download the record of average temperature and humidity. It records everything. You slowly become addict and spend your time checking your humidors !!

For all of you with Excellent files of stocks, no need anymore!!! you can add your stock very easily on the app and keep track of it.

a must have to be even more connected with our favourite cigars.

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