February 2010

Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie Release

Update: here is our review of the Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta.

I just received a press-release from Drew Estate about their new line of cigars, Cabinetta. I was quite surprised when I read it as Joya de Nicaragua is well known for their rather powerful cigars, such as the Antano line. Cabinetta, on the other hand, will be mild to medium in body. It’s already available at 75 B&Ms across the country and Drew Estate will slowly expand its availability during 2010. As Michael Cellucci, Vice President of Drew Estate said:

We believe it is important to not only explain this cigar and its blend to each retailer, but to share this smoke directly with cigar consumers. It is an exceptional smoke, but the customer who is expecting Antaño may not be satisfied, while connoisseurs who might not typically select a Joya de Nicaragua given their notoriety for strength may avoid even trying it out. This would be a terrible shame as it is an exceptional cigar of mild-medium body.

Another interesting thing about Cabinetta is that it features two wrappers. Not like a barber pole (not something I am fond of to be honest), but rather one leaf covering the entire length of the cigar (it’s an Ecuadorian shade) and another one, Nicaraguan Criollo, covering the head. It would offer a completely different and unique flavor and aroma.

Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca, JdN’s owner and master blender comments:

We at Joya de Nicaragua have always been known for creating full flavored, full bodied cigars in our Antaño line. I found that there was a demand for a cigar that the consumer could smoke at any time of day. Because of that, we’ve created the Cabinetta Serie; this cigar was exactly what we were looking for, something that’s not too strong, but still has that distinct Nicaraguan flavor profile. This cigar is almost always my first of every day. As for Drew Estate’s decision to continue introducing it slowly into the marketplace, I am confident that it is the right decision for this particularly unique cigar and will afford it the
opportunity to be sampled and enjoyed by all.

The Cabinetta Serie is cello-sleeved and is available in 24-ct, sliding lid boxes in four sizes:

  • Cabinetta Serie No. 2 – Belicoso – 6 x 54 – $6.55 p/cigar
  • Cabinetta Serie No. 4 – Robusto – 5 x 52 – $5.55 p/cigar
  • Cabinetta Serie No. 7 – Toro – 6 x 50 – $6.05 p/cigar
  • Cabinetta Serie No. 11 – Corona Gorda – 5 ¼ x 46 – $5.05 p/cigar

4 thoughts on “Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie Release

  1. Had one at my local B&M in Brentwood, TN and today ordered a box from seriouscigar.com for 110.50, as long as you live outside of Texas. Very pleased with flavor and strength. Not a fan of powerhouse cigars. Like them smooth and full of flavor. Going to get all four boxes and let age for at least six months to a year. No more or will lose taste.

  2. Yup: good lookin’ wrapper…

  3. Hmm… Never seen a wraper divided in two parts. Looks intresting.

  4. I just got a couple samples of these from DE, can’t wait to try them out.

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