September 2023

Jas Sum Kral is introducing the Decadent Delight: Munchies English Almond Toffee Cigars, a new flavour to their flavour enhanced cigar line. The company says to prepare your taste buds for an unparalleled sensory experience as they unveil the latest addition to the Munchies cigar collection: the Munchies English Almond Toffee Cigars. These cigars are set to redefine the world of premium flavoured cigars.

About Munchies Cigars: Munchies Cigars has been on a journey to elevate the cigar experience by infusing classic flavours into meticulously crafted cigars. Jas Sum Kral’s commitment to quality, innovation, and the pursuit of exceptional taste has made Munchies a name synonymous with refined indulgence.

The Munchies English Almond Toffee Cigar:

Flavour Inspiration: The Munchies English Almond Toffee Cigars draw inspiration from the timeless allure of English toffee, renowned for its velvety sweetness and nutty undertones.

Flavour Profile: Immerse yourself in an indulgent symphony of creamy toffee sweetness and the subtle, earthy notes of Habano tobacco. Each puff is a journey into the heart of refined flavour.

Wrapper: These cigars are elegantly swathed in a Habano wrapper, enhancing the overall experience with its distinctive spiciness and rich character.

Body and Flavour: Expect a medium body and a flavour profile that strikes a harmonious balance between the sweet allure of toffee and the robust complexity of Habano tobacco, delivering a sophisticated smoking experience.

Size: Measuring at a classic 5×50 size, these cigars are meticulously crafted to provide a satisfying and flavourful smoke.

The Promise: As with all Munchies offerings, Jas Sum Kral stands by its commitment to deliver a cigar that’s never overwhelming, always refined, and completely devoid of any artificial or chemical tastes. With Munchies English Almond Toffee, you’re invited to savour the fusion of sweet indulgence and the depth of Habano character.

AvailabilityMunchies English Almond Toffee Cigars will be available at select retailers and online starting today.

About Munchies Cigars

Munchies Cigars is dedicated to crafting exceptional cigars that transcend the ordinary, offering unique flavour experiences for both traditional and non-traditional enthusiasts. Each Munchies cigar is a testament to our passion for quality and innovation, bringing you the perfect fusion of taste and artistry.

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