Date: July 2015
Author: Gil Patrick

Day two of IPCPR is over and we have been treated with a flood of information on new releases. Let’s get straight to the meat of this and have a look at what cigars to expect down the line for 2015.

Alec Bradley: Nica Puro Rosado and Tempus Nicaragua

Though relatively quiet at the trade show, Alec Bradley has unveiled a completely redesigned website that is highlighting their newest line of cigars the “Nica Puro Rosado” and “Tempus Nicaragua”.

Alec Bradley Nica Puro Rosado

“Nica Puro Rosado” is the next in line for Alec Bradley’s “Nica Puro” series. It diversifies itself from the predecessors with a golden Rosado Colorado wrapping, a blend of double binders and tobaccos from three different regions of Nicaragua; Jalapa, Estil, and Condego. The cigars will be offered in the same sizes as the previous line of “Nica Puros” and come in boxes of 20:

  • Bajito: 4 1/4 x 50
  • Churchill: 7 x 50
  • Gordo: 6 1/4 x 60
  • Robusto: 5 x 50
  • Toro: 6 x 52
  • Torpedo: 6 1/4 x 54

Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaragua

The other release, “Tempus Nicaragua”, is also a Nicaraguan Puro. It is in the line of their highly rated “Tempus” and is described by the company as having a medium, rich, and earthy profile. The “Tempus Nicaragua” comes in a Jalapa wrapper with ligero and viso fillers from Condega, Estelí, and Jalapa.

Five sizes have been listed for “Tempus Nicaragua” and will come in boxes of 20:

  • Centuria: 7 x 49
  • Imperator: 6 1/8 x 52
  • Magnus: 6 x 60
  • Medius: 6 x 52
  • Terra Novo: 5 x 50

Ted’s Cigars: Farris and The Glen

Technically this one is a re-release. Last year Ted’s Cigars was promoting the “Farris” but unluckily the cigars never made it to retailers. This year they’ve made a few changes and plan to roll out soon. “Farris’s” name is in reference to Ted Jackson’s, owner and face of the company, grandmother Lois Farris’s maiden name. She was an inspiration to him and in her honor, Ted has created this line of cigars as well as started a campaign called “Farris Story” where anyone can submit their experiences with an individual who has inspired them and receive a free “Farris” cigar in the mail.

Ted Farris

The “Farris” has an Ecuadorian wrapper, Dominican olor binder, Dominican ligera and Nicaraguan viso in the filler. The cigars will have two standard sizes of 5 x 50 and 5 1/2 x 56; there is also a 6 x 50 cigar that comes in a tube similar to their line of “Maker’s Mark” cigars.

Ted's Cigars The Glen

Less is known about the second line of cigars being announced, “The Glen”, but it will be infused with a single malt Scotch whiskey using a process similar to the one utilized in the manufacturing of “Maker’s Mark” cigars. “The Glen” will also be coming in a tube.

Crux Cigars: Crux Guild, The du Connoisseur, and Limitada PB5

Crux Cigars is a new comer on the scene yet within their first year, they had launched five distinct lines of cigars. This year they are coming out with three entirely new releases, including their first Limited Edition.

Crux Guild

The first in the lineup is the “Crux Guild”; composed of Nicaraguan tobacco as the binder and filler and is coated in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf. There will be five different sizes available at release, all sizes come in a box of 20, and they expect to ship in October of this year:

  • Corona($6.99): 5 1/2 x 42
  • Robusto($7.99): 5 x 50/li>
  • Robusto Extra($9.50): 5 1/4 x 54/li>
  • Toro($8.99): 6 x 50/li>
  • Toro Extra Marblehead($9.99): 6 1/2 x 52/li>

Crux du Connoisseur

Second we have the “du Connoisseur” with Honduran tobacco as the filler, a Nicaraguan binder and blanketed by a Nicaraguan habano wrapper from Jalapa. There will be three different sizes at launch, which will all be sold in boxes of 10; shipment is expected in September of this year:

  • Du Connoisseur #1($7.50): 5 5/8 x 35
  • Du Connoisseur #2($8.99): 6 1/2 x 38/li>
  • Du Connoisseur #3($9.99): 7 1/2 x 38/li>

Crux Limitada PB5

Lastly, there is the news of Crux’s limited edition line, which will be releasing at the end of this year. The “Crux Limitada PB5” features a habana-seed Enganoso wrapper from Estli, Nicaragua, a Connecticut broadleaf binder, and a special filler that is made up of five different tobaccos that are being kept secret. There will only be 5,000 cigars all coming in boxes of 10 and available in one size: Toro Extra($11.99): 5 3/4 x 54.

Padron: Damaso

Padron Damaso

It has been six years since Padrón has released a new line of cigar. However, today at the IPCPR they featured their newest line, the “Padrón Damaso”. “Damaso” is named after the great-grandfather of Jorge Padrón who was responsible for bringing the tradition of tobacco into the family. Jorge Padrón spoke of his great-grandfather at IPCPR:

Damaso Padron was my grandfather, who emigrated from the Canary Islands and settled in Cuba in the late 1800s… he started growing tobacco in Cuba; he actually bought the first farm, and taught all the future generations of Padrón about tobacco.

Padron Damaso

In his honor, this new Padrón will be a milder cigar than their standard varieties in hopes to create a larger domestic popularity of the brand. The cigars come in a cellophane sleeve or a box of 20 and are currently being shipped to retailers worldwide; there are four initial sizes available:

  • No. 17: 7 x 54
  • No. 15: 6 x 52
  • No. 8: 5 1/2 x 46
  • No 12: 5 x 50
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