July 2015

Day four is here and guess what? We have more new releases! “But, Gil” you may think, “there’s so many new cigars out already, how could I possibly try all these?” Well, that’s something you’re going to have to deal with personally. Do you want my advice? Smoke on.

Acme Cigars: Premier Ecuador, Premier San Andreas, and Route 66

ACME Cigars

On the AKA Cigars side of things there were no fresh brands, however news on the development of AKA Cigars’ latest company have been announced at this year’s IPCPR. Acme Cigar Company is launching with three lines of cigars this year, which one would assume are markedly less explosive than their looney-toons counterpart. The cigars are being made within Nicaragua’s second oldest factory, Nicaraguan American Cigars SA (NACSA).

The Acme Premier Ecuador and the Acme Premier San Andreas are described as part of a “Cubanesque” tradition and taste of cigars. Premier Ecuador has an Ecuador Habana wrapper, using Esteli Criollo and Mexican San Andres as binder. The fillers come from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Premier San Andreas is using a Mexican San Andres Broadleaf wrapper, featuring Esteli Habano and Mexican San Andres binders with a Nicaraguan tobacco filler. Both lines will arrive at the end of August in specialty boxes of 12 that have a notable feature of an excellent seal to be used as a small travel humidor.

Both lines will be available in the same three sizes:

  • 5 x 50 ($7.40)
  • 7 x 48 ($7.90)
  • 6 x 54 ($8.40)

Acme Route 66

Acme Cigar Company’s signature line is known as the Route 66 featuring a bold Acme Route 66 road sign graphic as the art for the ring and container. The idea behind the line is to revitalize a bit of old Americana with modern tastes. Route 66 comes in an Ecuador-grown Cuban seed Habano wrapper drape over a Jalapa Criollo binder with Nicaraguan, San Andres and Dominican filler. One of the vitolas, the Tandem, for this cigar is a unique idea as it is capped at both ends and has a line of tobacco in the center marking off a section to cut if one wishes to share the massive cigar with a friend. Route 66 will come in rustic style boxes of 20 also at the end of August.

The cigars will launch with four sizes:

  • Hot Rod ($5.90): 5 x 50
  • Chopper ($6.40): 7 x 48
  • Big Rig ($6.90): 6 x 54
  • Tandem ($7.40): 8 1/2 x 52

E.P. Carrillo: Edicion Limitada and Ernesto’s Humidor No. 1

EP Carrillo Edicion Limitada

E.P. Carrillo has a couple fairly unique new release this year. First, there’s the Edicion Limitada. These cigars have been crafted using a broadleaf wrapper and a borrowed Cuban technique wherein tobacco leaf is folded around the cigar’s center vein and left to age leaving a smooth wrapper and flavoring. Edicion Limitada features a broadleaf Connecticut wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and filler. They will be arriving sometime in September with a price of $150 for a box of ten.

Only one size will be available for this release: 6 x 54 ($15).

Ernesto's Humidor

Another interesting release from E. P. Carrillo is Ernesto’s Humidor No. 1, a special line containing 30 cigars of Ernesto’s own selection and blend. They have never been released before and the tobacco used is quite sparse in their inventory, but the good news is that the humidors can be refilled as long as tobacco quantities remain. The first blend is an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper with all Nicaraguan binder and filler. The second is contained within an Ecuador Connecticut, Nicaraguan binder, with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler. Lastly, there is a broadleaf maduro wrapper containing a Sumatran binder with Dominican and Nicaraguan filler. MSRP will be $395 and will be releasing in September. There may be a second release depending on popularity.

Only one size will be available for this release: 6 x 54.

AVO: Classic Covers 2015 Volume 2

AVO Classic Covers

The main idea of this line was to call back to previous releases in their AVO line as subjects for inspiration in creating new types of cigars. Thus, the name classic covers is a reference to the idea of “covering” an old cigar but with a new twist. This year’s will call back to the AVO Heritage. Classic Covers Volume 2 has an Ecuadorian Marron wrapper and contains Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco with a Mexican binder. The cigars are contained with a beautiful 16-count display box meant to look like a vinyl. Total release will only be 3,000 and limited to U.S. only.

One size will be available upon release: Toro ($16.00): 6 x 54.

Camacho: Shellback

Camacho Shellback

Shellback will be the first in line for Camacho’s new series of “Brotherhood” cigars. The name, which refers to the sailing initiation of crossing the equator, is analogous to the tobacco used within the cigar. Shellback has a Habano Ecuadorian wrapper around a Nicaraguan binder and filler. The cigars have a distinct bright green ring and is limited to 4,000 boxes of 50 shipping in September.

One size is available upon release: 6 x 50 ($12).

Room101: Johnny Tobacconaught and The Big Payback

Room 101 Big Payback

This one’s technically not a new brand, it was released last year, but The Big Payback is adding a new size to its arsenal that is noteworthy: a massive 8 x 80 torpedo shape priced at $8.95 each is slated for release later this month in boxes of 30.

Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaught

Who says you can’t smoke in space? Johnny Tobacconaught is an amusing cigar. The theme is an intergalactic tobacco-naught offering an otherworldly tobacco for our enjoyment. This motif is consistent all the way down to the shape of the cigars, which are molded to the likeness of rockets. Johnny Tobacconaught comes with completely Nicaraguan tobacco running in a limited release of 70,000 cigars.

The cigar will be available in three sizes:

  • Fileriod ($12): 4 1/2 x 52 x 45
  • Ranflactic ($13): 5 1/2 x 30 x 50
  • Chingonova ($14): 8 x 60 x 44

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