Date: April 2012
Author: Ray

Help Save Cigars from FDA Regulation

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has announced their intent to regulate cigars in the United States three times now — the most recent being on February 13th of this year. If the FDA is allowed to regulate cigars, we will see an end to walk-in humidors, and the FDA could start requiring that new cigar blends be submitted for testing. We also may see an end to the beautiful packaging which is part of the premium cigar experience (like in Australia). Many cigar makers may simply turn away from the US market, and numerous boutiques and tobacconists could close outright.

This is the time to fight back, once again. Two bills have been filed in the House and the Senate, H.R. 1639 and Senate Bill 1461, respectively. They are both filed under the name Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act. If passed, these bills will protect premium cigars from FDA regulation. More than 85,000 Americans work in the cigar industry, and of course, many more than that enjoy cigars. If cigars are an important part of your life, then please take action now to sign the petition (almost 10,000 signatures as of today) to protect cigars from the FDA. Call up your senators and representatives and ask them to support these preservation acts. Act now while we still can!

1 thought on “Help Save Cigars from FDA Regulation

  1. Here in OZ the case is in court as the large cigarette companies are challenging the government right to require them to provide plain packaging. There position is that it’s unconstitutional and is in fact removing there legal and legitimate right to displaying there company name and branding.

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