Date: August 2011
Author: Cigar Inspector

Usually I don’t post much about legislative updates, but this time it’s urgent. The FDA is going too far, and this is the time for smokers and tobacconists alike to stand together and intervene before we lose our rights to enjoy premium cigars. Thanks to Barry over at for alerting us! Here follows a summary of his article:

The issue started in 2009 with the Family Smoking & Prevention Act (HR 1256), which gave the FDA the power to regulate the tobacco industry. The FDA can do things like change the labels on tobacco products and ban flavoring of cigarettes. The law also allows them to change the way that tobacco products are sold in local shops.

Why is this an issue now? Because the FDA is seeking additional authority in order to regulate cigars. Theoretically the purpose of the Family Smoking & Prevention Act is to prevent minors from smoking, but the premium cigar industry is really a niche community which is aimed at responsible adults. Putting bans on flavored cigars, replacing elegant cigar labels with warning messages, and forcing tobacconists to take down their displays won’t do anything to protect minors. It’ll only destroy small businesses and deprive adult cigar connoisseurs of their rights. So right now is the time to contact your representatives and senators and ask them to back HR 1639, the bill to protect the premium cigar industry from FDA regulation.

Sign the petition for the HR 1639
Sign the petition for S 1461 (companion bill)

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