Date: November 2009
Author: Cigar Inspector

Here are the results of our recent polls:

Construction results

Flavor results

As you can see, we can draw one major conclusion from these numbers: although the majority still thinks that Cuban cigars taste better on average while suffering from construction issues, there are more and more people who say that the quality depends more on the specific producer and not on the country of origin.
I am confident that 5 years ago the results would have been completely different.

5 thoughts on “Flavor and Construction Poll Results

  1. I thought Obama’s first act going to be to welcome Fidel back to the States…

  2. Not sure I agree with the statement that the “majority” still thinks Cuban cigars taste better. Although it is 47%, the other 2 combined would include all people who don’t just assume all Cubans or non-Cubans taste better and would put that group in the majority at 53%.

    Great poll, very cool to see the results and to see that more people are looking at the individual cigars and not being as biased – I’m sure in another 5 years we’ll see an even bigger shift.

  3. Agreed. I Dont Use A Credit Card. That Is Something I Should Have Made Clear. I See The Amount Of Shops Online And So Everyone Should Be Able To Access NC’s If They Want To Use Credit (Scuffling away tail between legs!) It’s all good 😀

  4. there are quite a few american located intenet cigar shops that will ship cigars outside the USA. I hav no probs getting my non-cubans. Try for example. Often you have to buy a box but they have many samplers and fivers for sale too.

  5. We all have to agree with the results. The problem is that most areas outside the US have limited access to NCs in a broader sense and the US market has restricted access to Cubans, even though Habanos say the US is thier biggest market. Makes me happy to suffer construction issues with Cubans but I wish I could get most the NCs as easily as americans. Hmmmm, sounds familiar eh?

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