Date: November 2012
Author: Cigar Inspector

Christies Geneva

2 days ago, a famous private collection of well-aged spirits and cigars was auctioned off at Christie’s auction house in Geneva. You can check out the results of the auction for yourself here. Search for lots 120 to 178 to see the results of the cigar auctions; many of these cigars were auctioned off for a thousand dollars or more per lot. Some of the lots included Cohiba Robustos ($789 for a box of 25) and Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 ($728 for a box of 25). There were also some more exotic items, like Montecristo Robusto Millenium jars.

Unfortunately the auction is already over, so you’ve missed your chance to participate (we’re sorry we didn’t hear about it sooner!), but it’s pretty exciting to see how things panned out just the same. At the same time, I find the prices a bit steep, even for aged cigars. Would you participate in such an auction?

2 thoughts on “Fine collectible cigars auctioned off in Geneva

  1. I can’t see anywhere that shows the age. For going back only 4-5 years (if BIG is correct in the 2008 year), that is pretty excessive for “aged” cigars.

  2. I live in Geneva I heard about this. I saw lanceros from 2001 and others from 2008, and the 2008 were more rated. It gives you an idea about how many 2001’s were plugged 🙂

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