November 2015

We finally finished processing the answers from our last week’s survey. Below you will find the community’s favorite Cuban cigars – first the brands, then the specific cigars.

The low score of Romeo y Juieta cigars may come as a surprise – not a single cigar in the top 15 (the Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill – the highest ranked cigar from the brand – is #18) and only the 8th spot in the brands rankings.

The #1 cigar’s lead is also quite surprising – we expected more competition for the first spot. 2nd and 3rd spots are where the competition was, and underdogs Ramon Allones Specially Selected and Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 almost made it to the top 3.

We hope you find these results interesting, feel free to share them with your friends and/or leave a comment below!

Favorite Cuban Cigars Inforgraphic

16 thoughts on “Favorite Cuban Cigars – Survey Results

  1. Cohiba is my opinion No.1 brand. It’s available everywhere, along with Montecristo and RJ. In my opinion it is overpriced, but we are paying these prices. These are mostly good and very good cigars. But there are others from Cuban products, which are even better for me (RASS, La Gloria Cubana, Partagas, Saint Luis Rey). It’s all about personal taste. I can not compare with the non Cuban productions, because I tried a few brands and types. All cuban brands generate good cigar except Guantanamera. New RE and LE series are also expensive and not always as good as the standard product. Aging recommended.

  2. I think a Cohiba is a good cigar, but it is not the #1 Cuban

  3. Thanks Denis for your interest in keeping fellow cigar afficianados up to date on new/old offerings, opinions,ratings and insights into cigar appreciation. It really feels good to be able to go to a reliable source to ask questions and opinions and get immediate reliable responces. Good job!

  4. Thank you CigarInspector. This is a great survey. I’ve smoked Monties, Romeo y Juliettas & Cohibas. Enjoyed them all. But I will move on to the Partagas D4’s. Word to the wise…don’t purchase from Royal Habanos. Not authentic. Learned the hard way. Beware. There are several other sites associated with this group.

  5. Difficult for me personally to wade in on the Cuban v Non Cuban debate, as my experience is limited to smoking Cubans 90% of the time – in SE Asia they dominate choice availability, both at Duty Free outlets as well as On-Line shops prepared to ship into Indonesia. However, having recently had the opportunity to smoke some non Cubans such as Opus X, Diamond Crown, various Fuente (also Dunhill, Davidoff) surely it is down to personal palate? There are excellent cigars out there, from both Camps

  6. Great list, and as others, mostly agree. I’ve smoked all the brands, most of the cigars. I do disagree with spots but that’s just individual taste. I’m amused that the Behike is rated high, when it’s a $100 cigar here (and one of the ones’ I haven’t had… yet). At any rate, love this list! Keep smokin’ BOTL’s and SOTL’s !:)

  7. Partagas Series D4 is an excellent smoke too. Never had a disappointing one.

  8. I knew those Partagas would be in there!
    Thanks for opening my eyes to some other brands.

  9. Some of the list I can agree with, some I can’t. I’m surprised the Monte No.2 made number 1. It’s a good cigar but I feel the Upmann No.2 is way better. I have a box of Monte 2s and 1 out of every 3 cigars suffers from a stuck draw, or some construction issue. It’s a gamble every time I reach for one. I also have a box of Upmann number 2s. Awesome taste, never had a stuck draw, maybe a minor construction issue but never anything that hinders my experience.

  10. I agree jmorena, there are way better Cubans than the Cohiba brand. Somebody must have a lot of Cohibas in stock that they’re trying to sell. Lol.

  11. Can’t believe Cohiba is #1 brand. Come on, people!!!!!!

  12. This was a really cool survey. Thanks guys!

  13. As a newbie I’ve wanted to try Cubans. Now I feel confident that I can make the right purchases. Thanks to those who voted.

  14. I’ve read (and been part of) the-Cohibas-are-overrated debate – I respectfully disagree on that point, but I do agree that it’s a fashionable choice for many lacking depth of knowledge of the Cuban brands. It was a jumping off point for me when I first started, but I still like the Siglo IV and that isn’t likely to change.

    These results were a lot of fun to read and compare. I’ve got selections that rated high, low and middle. Well done, everyone.

  15. Cohibas are the most overrated cigars on the planet, good cigar for posers but certainly not the choice of aficionados.

  16. Inspector readers showing good taste with their selections IMO and I mostly agree with the stick selection.

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