November 2012

This is a fairly unusual post here, but it turns out that at the time you are reading these words I find myself in a place where Internet access is limited. More precisely, I am spending this week trekking in Uzbekistan and I didn’t prepare a “normal” blog post for today. Instead, for your viewing pleasure you will find below a selection of excellent photographs of women you might recognize. Something tells me you might prefer this to reviews.

Salma Hayek smoking a cigar

Bar Refaeli smoking a cigar

Carmen Electra smoking a cigar

Jennifer Lopez smoking a cigar

Catherine Deneuve smoking a cigar

Claudia Schiffer smoking a cigar

Demi Moore smoking a cigar

Dita Von Teese smoking a cigar

4 thoughts on “Famous Female Cigar Smokers (pics)

  1. Man that’s a nice shot of Catherine Deneuve!

  2. Wow!! Now that is what i would call some real pleasurable ways to inspire people getting to smoke.Those are some really nice pics there.

    But.. Guys smoking is still injurious to health no matter does it looks beautiful with the lips of some amazing beauties.

    Anyways, Nice going!! love your post..

    Best Regards,

  3. Now I have another reason to dig J-Lo!

  4. Be safe in your travels!!

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