April 2013

Ever wondered what you can find is those obviously fake Kohibas that you can buy on the Mexican beach in glass-top tubes? Courtesy of Andyp117 from r/cigars, whose boss brought a box of Montekristos from his trip as a gift to Andy, today you have the oppotunity to look inside. Enjoy.

Fine crafted

Fine crafted. Beetles seem to appreciate this cigar.

The best cap I have ever seen!

The best cap I have ever seen!

Fake Cuban with a perfect logo stamp

Perfect logo stamp.

Not sure what the white spots are

Not sure what the white spots are.

Cubans have strings right

Cubans have strings, right?

Only the finest tobacco used

Only the finest tobacco used.

Wood in fake Cuban cigars

Wanna smoke some wood?

14 thoughts on “Fake Cuban cigars: curious to know what’s inside?

  1. Seems to me that the Monte EL12 is a very strange cigar to counterfeit because of the two bands and not in regular production. I would think Cohiba Esplendidos and Monte#2s are the regulars. Are you sure they were fakes? I’ll research the box count as well. Seems strange to me.

  2. Looks CAN be deceiving with some of the “better” fakes: My son’s partner bought a couple boxes of Montecristo Edicion Limitada 2012 while in Mexico on his honeymoon. The boxes were well well-made, the tax stamps looked legitimate, and the bands on each of the 5 cigars in the box were indistinguishable from the real thing. It took some research to find out that Edicion Limitada 2012 was only sold in boxes of 10. Of course, taking one apart or lighting it up proved the issue immediately.

  3. Talk about running thru one’s head James Taylor’s lyrics: “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain…”! I’ve seen fakes and I’ve seen fa-hay-HAYKES!!! Whoever’s responsible for this joke smoke needs to be wrapped in a cigar leaf, themself, and stored in a CHEAP humidor without humidification for 6 months!!!

  4. Brett- I think he’s saying that counterfeiting is another good reason to avoid Cuban cigars (along with maybe price, construction, and availability). I agree with you though…they are getting better, not worse, and nothing beats the flavor of them.In fact, I only smoke Cuban sticks. And most are much cheaper than non-Cuban boutique flavorless crap.

  5. @ CigarAdvisor. If anything the quality has gotten better recently, not worse. The review above is for a fake Cuban.

  6. This is a great advertisement for avoiding so-called “Cubans.” Amazing how many cigar smokers still want these at any price, even though the quality of a lot of Havanas has dropped.

  7. Pinarello6- That is one funny story. Gives “flavor bomb”a brand new meaning. A friend gave me a phony Cohiba from the D.R. I thanked him and threw it in the garbage. I should have tried it just for laughs.

  8. jmorena — I saw same youtube video. Very funny. My funny fake story was on a cruise to Atlantis resort in Grand Bahama. I bought a fake Cohiba (for gods sake I knew it was fake) Talked the local street vendor who took my into a secluded alley to sell me this “genuine” Cohiba. I freakin wish I had picts so you could Lmao. talked him down from $35 to 5.00 a stick. funny part what when I lit it. You would have sworn the stick was fermenting in rocket fuel. as soon as i put my butane lighter to the foot, it went up like the Hindenburg. I have never seen flames travel so quickly thorugh tobacco ifit was tobacco. God know what the filler and binder contained to create such a flamable “cigar”. couldnt even blow out…had to drop on ground and stomp on it to get flames out. The vender who was still standing there looks at me and say this word for word “thats the sign of a fine cuban cigar mon. only de best for you mon”
    i almost pissed my pants laughing. I should have bought a cab of 25 for practical jokes to my smoking buds back in the states.

  9. Awesome!!! And by the way… no such thing of a “good fake”. You can tell just by looking. Just the other day I saw a Youtube of some douche debating with himself about two boxes of Partagas Milles. He was convinced that one was a fake, he didn’t know which one was the fake. One box was older than the other ( you know, different seal, lettering and band ). Both boxes are real I’d bet money on it. Go to YouTube and check it out. You’ll laugh your counterfeit asses off.

  10. Thanks for the post.would like to see a comparison to the real thing.

  11. hahahahahahahaha xD nice post!

  12. I pity the fool that be buying them counterfeits!

  13. That’s disgusting & a disgrace to tobacco.. Fuvkin people r ridiculous for selling & buying them.

  14. The off register band is funny. But the string & white spots inside…. No dice for me, id be upset. But, then again, knowing is half the battle.

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