June 2009


There have been some negative comments about Duque Cigars in our shops directory lately. I tried to get in touch with Thomas Hunter to see what was going on and finally managed to catch him on Twitter. Here’s what he had to say about the issue:

“Upon coming home from a trip to Nicaragua about a month ago I found that we had two catastrophic problems here at Duque. Our host company that we pay for a dedicated server had what they called a bubble outage and our whole site had to be reloaded to a new server that caused the email system to not let us receive any incoming emails.

The second of the two problems came from us. With our growth we have been doing construction and expanding our office and humidified warehouse area; in doing so one of our three satellite phone lines went down without us knowing. This was a big mistake made by our contractor and for that we are very sorry.

The fixess to these problems have been the following.

1. We have moved our site hosting to a dual dedicated server with back ups ran every 12 hours.
2. We have had our three satellite phones made to all flow into one board that will allow any number to ring to the first phone that is available in the office and shop including my office.

I would like to make it very clear to all of our customers we love them and need them badly.
I have made it very clear in the past few weeks to all of our staff that I want them to dig as deep as they can into what happened and make sure we make it right with all of or customers in one way or another.

If any customer may be or has been affected by last month’s trouble I would like them to contact me directly by email or by my personal cell phone #:
Cell # 1-321-506-0032

I assure you I will personally fix any problem that comes to my attention.

Thomas Hunter
Duque Cigar Company”

16 thoughts on “Duque Cigars Update

  1. Ordered a box of Padron #6000 on 12 Sep 2012 and to this date, no cigars, emails or letter in the mail explaining the hold up. Is there any recoarse in getting my money back?

  2. I wish I had heard these comments before I ordered a Nording pipe as a present. They charged my card in 48 hours telling me its on its way! What BS its been over two weeks and numerious complaints via e–mail and attemped phone calls. As the retired Commander of the LPPD Det. Div. I would warn everyone I know not to do business unless possibly COD!

  3. this place doesnt pay its bills and they make a website full of excuses. Horrible and dispicable.

  4. Tom and Edie Hunter are thieves. They do not have “staff”. It’s just the 2 of them. All that b.s. about servers being down etc., etc., is a bald faced lie. All the “mistakes” happened because they were busy stealing other people’s business and hacking into another company’s website and phone systems.

  5. Thunter email address is undeliverable. The phone number listed is not accepting call. This whole business is a scam and needs to be criminally prosecuted.

  6. Boy–sure wish I read these reviews before I ordered. Took my money, sent no cigars. No response to numerous emails and phone calls. Complete and utter SCAM. I will be posting negative information about them on every website I can think of. The address to this Thomas HUnter above doesn’t work either–big surprise.

  7. Shamus, can you keep us informed here. I will be going to Florida, and I will also pay them a visit, if there is such a shop. I dont know how this guy gets away with this.

  8. This website is a scam, they DO NOT fulfill orders, but charge your credit card anyway. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and state attorney general’s office. I cannot wait until I am in Florida next month to personally visit this store and get the cigars that they owe me plus interest. I just confirmed with the folks at the barber shop next door that these fools are there every day. You will regret not returning MY messages.

  9. Does anyone know how 2010 has been with this company on there shipping issues, I would deffinetly like to know before I recomend this company to some of my freinds from outside Duques area. Thanks.

  10. These guys are the worst. Here’s my experience:

    I ordered some of the Cain Habano Robustos from an online retailer on 9/4. The website stated that they were in stock as of 9/1. I received instant confirmation of my order and my card was charged immediately. Even allowing for the holiday, I thought it was odd that my order hadn’t shown “shipped” status by 9/10 since I thought they were in stock an all. I used the online contact form in the “Contact Us” section to inquire on my order. I got no response from that. On the 11th I emailed customer support directly. I got no response from that. I emailed them again on the 14th. Once again, no response for 24 hours. I called them on the 15th and a nice lady told me they were are on backorder but were expected in “today”. I told her about my frustration with their order status updates and not answering my inquiries. She said they’d throw in a couple samples. As of today my order still hadn’t shipped. I answered the email they sent confirming our conversation on the
    15th with a question as to why the cigars hadn’t shipped and when they expect to ship. They replied they expect them in on Monday or I could get a refund. A little communication on the front end of this deal would have made me happy. I don’t think I should even have to inquire when something is on backorder if it is not clearly shown on the website. I’ve dealt with this vendor twice: My first time and my last time.

  11. I wander if this company really exists. Nobody ever answers any of the listed phones,including the phone of the company’s owner.

  12. I have called and sent dozens of emails. I tried the cell number listed on the website and some kept answering and then hanging up. I ordered cigars for my wedding and never received them. I will never do business with these guys again. They had no problem taking my money, but could not be reached or bothered to send me a product.

  13. Just remember people if a company seems bad,looks bad and treats there customers bad,they are bad news!

  14. Just so you all know the lady who says she owns the company at Duque Cigars does not and said that the some employees at this website used to for for her so called company.She sends her friends on here to defend her so called company.Buyer be very causious dealing with this company,5 negative reviews say it all.

  15. We don’t have any employees here 🙂
    As far as I know none of the reviewers have worked at Duque before.

  16. I think Duque Cigars Company is one of the best companies to deal with ,period.They make and sell a fantastic cigar.I believe all companies have a few clitches now and then.The main thing is resolving them and making the customers happy and I believe they have.Is it true that one or more of your employees used to work at Duque Cigars Company?

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