February 2024

What happened at the 8th Annual “Kitzbühel Campfire” Experience at the Daniel Marshall Cigar Lounge, Kitzbühel Country Club, Austria.

An Afternoon of Exquisite Enjoyment and Friendship

After 8 years the DM Kitzbuhel Campfire has become one of the highly anticipated celebrity celebrations during the world-famous Hahnenkamm race weekend in Kitzbühel, Austria. The prestigious Daniel Marshall Cigar Campfire Experience took place at the Daniel Marshall Cigar Lounge located within the luxurious Kitzbühel Country Club.

As Daniel Marshall addressed the guests, he spoke of what is very special to him and what has inspired him since his first trip to Austria. “Austrian Quality” found in the People and everywhere you look and step. Every detail is created with only top quality that is made to last generations. Friendships that are forged in Austria become lifelong.

In addition, after 42 years living the dream in the cigar world following his joy, what is very special are the “Campfire” Experience’s that he creates around the world, is the broad range of ages of men and women from every walk of life that attend. To have publishers of 5 luxury magazines, Champion Skiers, the Former Prime Minister of Czech Republic, his close friends from Los Angeles, International business tycoons from London, Germany, Austria and Russia, world famous Doctors, all enjoying to gather around the DM campfire with a cigar, no matter the weather… even though this particular “blue sky night” was record cold at minus 10 Degrees… these extreme weather conditions did not deter the guests from enjoying every moment!

TV Broadcast

DM mentioned in his speech, it’s very important to him that mainstream press, Television and celebrity photographers cover the Campfire and tell the story, “We don’t Smoke… We Taste.” This is a vital point many people do not understand when it comes to cigars. To have every year for the last 8 years, Austria’s most important and largest TV channel ORF show up, film and then air our Campfire Experience is outstanding.

We do not believe any other cigar event in the world has this kind of broad, popular mainstream Press and TV coverage.

As the sun set over the peaks of the Alps, the personally invited guests enjoyed a carefully selected range of exceptional 92 pt. rated DM Red Label Cigars aged for 8 Years to commemorate and celebrate the now world renown 8th Annual DM Campfire.

The DM Red Label Cigars were paired with a twelve-year-old Dalmore whiskey. The aroma of ultra-premium vintage tobacco drifted thru the Alpine air as attendees enjoyed the moment to the fullest. Finger food and snacks were also served.

Once again, this year, many well-known personalities from Kitzbühel, Europe and the USA attended this iconic event. The Former Prime Minister of Czech Republic Andrej Babiš enjoyed the campfire immensely and stayed throughout the afternoon and evening.

The Sold out-closed capacity guest list, all connoisseurs of the exquisite lifestyle experience, created as DM calls “Golden Moments”.

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