September 2012

Cuban cigar industry performing strongly

The Cuban tobacco industry is currently the most successful premium cigar industry in the world, displaying an eight percent increase in sales around the world according to a recent announcement. Despite the restrictions on importing Cuban cigars in various countries, Habanos S.A. continues to enjoy increasing patronage in Asia-Pacific countries, Russia, and the Middle East, as well as some growth in the UK, Germany, and France. Specific figures for those European countries have not yet been released.

According to Jorge Luis Fernandez Maique, co-president of Habanos S.A., the company has exceeded its 2011 production figures as well as its 2011 sales revenue. Why are Cuban cigars so popular? The excellent hand-made quality that goes into their premium tobacco products continues to push the Cuban cigar industry ahead. Cuban cigars remain a beacon of quality that other cigar makers around the globe envy and strive to match. Now, that sounded really good. Perhaps I should work in Habanos S.A. PR department?

3 thoughts on “Cuban cigar industry performing strongly

  1. CC taste is top shelf, construction is just average at best.

    Most NC cigars, even the 3 & 4 dollar sticks, burn more consistently.

    1. Lol, come on Ray!! I presume you haven’t smoked all that many cc’s over the years if you are to make the comment that Cuban cigars remain a beacon… I’ve been smoking them for nearly 20 years now and am sad to say that inconsistency has been their most consistent attribute. I finally stopped buying them over the past 2 years due to the fact that I won’t support the cc industry with MY dollar when they refuse to keep the QC in check. What happened to the draw machines they bragged about using back around 2001? I even bought a box of Cohiba robustos from the EL factory in 2014 and have found the 6 I’ve smoked from the box to be all over the place from having burn problems to being bland and woody tasting.

  2. i disagree (and i smoke primarily cc’s)i think cubans in general, have more consistancy and quality issues than good nc’s.

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