Date: May 2017
Author: Cigar Inspector

There are many new exciting releases this year. The new Cohiba 2017 limited edition, called Talisman is one of them. This big size cigar (154 X 54) may become another big collector items.

Like every year, Habanos S.A. will host a launch evening to promote the new Limited edition cigars. Last year the Romeo y Julieta Capuletos was presented first in the Italian city of Verona, organised by the country’s exclusive distributor Diademas S.P.A.
A very limited number of guests including Habanos Specialists, representatives of Smoking Clubs, Habanos Exclusive Distributors from other countries, media and influencers are usually part of that special event.

This year the Cohiba Talisman will most probably be launched on the land of Hunters and Frankau. Exclusive distributor for the United Kingdom. If the city of London is almost confirmed to be presenting the new gold and black double banded cigar, the date is a total mystery. I would guess not before October or November…

Let’s see if the inspector was right or wrong…

Happy Smokes!

3 thoughts on “Cohiba Talisman EL 2017 – Launch Evening

  1. Maybe because they are not ready. Maybe they are still wet, and need to pick up more cedar.

    1. The beauty of the Cuban cigar industry… We never know when our stogies will be released.

  2. “I would guess not before October or November…”

    2018 or 2019?

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