September 2011

Urbano Sumatra

Matt Urbano, founder and owner of Urbano Cigars, describes his company’s just-released, second boutique premium cigar: Urbano Sumatra has a sweet, earthy flavor that settles into a creamy, ‘chocolaty’ smoke. It has a light, leathery finish and a luxurious white ash. Sumatra’s medium body complements our first introduction this summer, the medium-to-full-bodied Urbano Corojo, and is perfectly suited to mid-morning or early-afternoon relaxation.”

The Urbano Sumatra has a sleek, satiny Sumatran wrapper, with an Indonesian binder and Dominican filler blend. Sumatra’s wrapper, like the Urbano Corojo, is triple-fermented, without scalding or other artificial means. This process yields a refined smoke, significantly reducing the tobacco’s nicotine and natural starches and sugars. Combine that with a full two years of aging of the tobaccos, and the result is a flavor-filled but smooth smoke.

Sumatra’s four classic Cuban shapes – Robusto, Torpedo, Churchill, and a 6″ x 60 unnamed shape – come cellophane-tubed for freshness and protection, in luxurious cedar boxes of 20. Like his first introduction, Urbano Corojo, production is limited to 25,000 cigars, to assure Sumatra’s quality. Manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing for the cigars ranges from $5.00 (Robusto) to $5.50 (6″ x 60). The entire Sumatra line, like the Corojo, is now available from

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