Date: November 2011
Author: Cigar Inspector

Urbano cigars

“Our new boutique cigar line, Urbano Connecticut, fills out our portfolio of just-released boutique premium cigars,” reports Matt Urbano, founder and owner of Urbano Cigars. “It is mild-to-medium-bodied, yet has a startlingly opulent flavor profile. ‘Connecticut’ complements our previously-released ‘Corojo’ (medium-full body, check out Aaron’s review of the Urbano Corojo) and ‘Sumatra’ (medium-body) lines. We’ve blended all three cigars to offer the full spectrum of flavors and strengths, to satisfy all smokers’ palates”.

Urbano Connecticut is available in four shapes: Robusto, Torpedo, Churchill, and a new 6” x 60 shape. The cigars are protected by cellophane tubes, and are presented in high-quality, handsomely-decorated cedar boxes of 20 cigars.

The cigar’s Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut wrapper, and Dominican filler and binder tobaccos are triple-fermented naturally, without scalding or other artificial means. This process yields a refined smoke, and significantly reduces the tobacco’s nicotine and natural starches and sugars … no spinning heads and queasy stomachs from “untamed alkaloids,” which many mistake for a nicotine buzz. The wrapper matches the mild Dominican long-leaf filler and binder, with their smooth flavor and delicate fragrance. It also dresses the cigar in a silky, delicately-veined leaf, pleasing to the eye and touch. The tobaccos are aged a full two years, and the finished cigars rest for another four months.

Urbano Connecticut’s filler leaves are bunched in the traditional Cuban entubado style., as are Urbano Corojo’s and Sumatra’s fillers. Quoting Urbano, “Although more labor-intensive, it eliminates the two top smokers’ complaints. First, hard or plugged draw, caused by the folded or twisted leaves, more seen in conventional bunching. Secondly, the ligero is accurately centered by eye, avoiding off-center burn … seen more with commercial bunching.” When building the bunch, each base filler leaf is rolled lengthwise, resembling soda straws. The buncher arranges them in a circle around one or more similarly-tubed ligero leaves, visibly centered. With the smoke passing freely through each tubed leaf from foot to head, and the dead-centered ligero, the smoker is assured of an easy, uniform smoke.”

The cigar is available at selected brick & mortar stores and from the official Urbano website (MSRP $5.00-$5.50).

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