September 2010

Partido Cigarillos from Arango

The latest product to fill national distributor Arango Cigar Co.’s portfolio of tobacco products are their new “Partido” all-tobacco cigarillos. The name means “party” or “game” in Spanish, a theme that is reflected in the box art … an illustration of a martini, ashtray and balloons. It is also the name of a Cuban tobacco-farming province, whose wrapper tobaccos are favored by European cigar makers.

Michael Gold, Arango’s president, states “These new cigarillos are made exclusively for us by Ireland’s leading cigar maker, Exclusive Cigar Manufacturing Ireland, Ltd. (ECMI). The company was formerly part of the 122-year-old Swiss-German firm of Villiger Sohne, one of the ten largest cigar producers, known for superb quality and packaging. ECMI bought the factory from Villiger in 2006, where it produces cigars today. We are pleased to have our name on these fine cigarillos, which offer big-cigar flavor and aroma in a short smoke.”

Partidos come in Natural and Maduro wrappers, from the Dominican Republic and Brazil, respectively. At 3″ x 26 ring-gauge, they provide a smooth and flavorful fifteen-minute smoke. Their open foot and head make for smoker friendly convenience. They come 40 to the cedar box, which retails for just $24. Partido cigarillos are currently appearing on retailers’ shelves nationwide.

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