Date: August 2010
Author: Cigar Inspector

Cigar Release: Master by Carlos Toraño

Update: here is our review of the Carlos Torano Master.

One of America’s most respected and venerable premium cigar manufacturers has teamed with America’s most recognized torcedor to create a special cigar, Master by Carlos Toraño. The collaboration joins Charlie Toraño, the fourth leader of the four-generation cigar company, with master roller Felipe Sosa, a true artisan who has worked with the Toraño family for over a decade. The fruit of their cooperation debuts this August, and the new cigar will be available only at brick-and-mortar tobacconists nationwide.

Toraño Cigars is known throughout the trade for hosting exciting and dynamic cigar rolling events. One reason for their success has been Sosa’s talent, skill and charm. As Toraño states, “Felipe has been a company ambassador for many years, and is certainly the most widely-recognized torcedor in America … we also think he’s the best in America, and one of only a handful of the world’s finest rollers. He has traveled to literally hundreds of smokeshops, where he is a favorite among the guests. Felipe has become not only their personal cigar roller at these events, including those of the Roots Run Deep Tour, but also a teacher of the cigar-making craft to willing guests. His magnetic personality and signature hat, plus his command of the English language, draw crowds to his table. Over the years, countless people have asked Felipe why he has not created his own blend. Master by Carlos Toraño is the company’s response to those requests.”

When he talks about his cigars, Toraño says his family’s cigar blends have always expressed the personalities, tradition and history of the Toraño family. “I am a firm believer that each individual cigar maker brings his or her particular signature or passion to their blends,” says Toraño. “The idea for this new cigar was to take our style and personality, and combine them with Felipe’s.” The result is a unique offering by Toraño.

Master is offered in four shapes: 5 x 50, 6 1/4 x 52 Torpedo, 7 x 50, and 6 x 54. Toraño describes it as “having a bold, rich flavor … it’s for the man with a seasoned palate, a cigar that fully satisfies after an opulent meal or an evening pairing with spirits. True aficionados will discern and appreciate the balanced flavor and body.” Details of the blend and suggested retail pricing will be announced at its release.

Toraño explains, “Master’s box art bears Felipe’s image for a reason. His initiative, talent and character have earned him this title of Master Roller. He and I will work together to personally oversee every aspect of blending and manufacturing this premier cigar. We feel confident the Toraño reputation for never compromising quality and performance is further enhanced by this new collaboration. Few people know of Felipe’s monumental courage and determination. Now 48, he had been a cigar roller in Cuba, acquiring extraordinary skills. Simply being Cuban doesn’t make a torcedor great … Felipe’s work showed a talent and desire to excel that far surpassed those of his fellow workers. In 1994, at age 32, he left family and friends, and entrusted his life, and the lives of his wife and infant son, to a tiny raft, drifting away from Cuba for a better life in America. Now, the flawless construction, consistency and beauty of his cigars have gained admiration among smokers and retailers at Toraño events, at which he has rolled thousands of personalized cigars.”

Founded in Havana in 1916 by great-grandfather Santiago Toraño, the family likewise has triumphed over their own 1959 exile. That historic event was the namesake for their international award-winning Exodus 1959, and their top-rated Exodus Silver and Exodus 1959-50 Years lines. These and other Toraño cigars are among the industry’s most sought-after brands. Today, their achievement is exemplified by their premium cigars’ loyal following.

“Felipe has found a home with us,” continues Toraño. “His passion lies in tobacco and family, a commitment that resonates with our family, strengthening our close relationship. Over the years, Felipe has remained a bulwark at Toraño Cigars, never losing his enthusiasm for his craft and our company. He deserves to see this cigar acknowledge his Master status and immense character. Together, I think we’ve made an unbelievable cigar.”

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