Date: October 2013
Author: Cigar Inspector

Gurkha The Rogue

Using a carefully selected blend of tobaccos, Rogue is a bold, box-pressed cigar with a pronounced complexity and richness on the finish, beautifully constructed with an un-finished foot. The blend features a golden Ecuadorian, Habano wrapper, combining a rare Ecuadorian binder with a specially chosen blend of 3-year aged ligero’s from Nicaragua, Honduras and Dominican Republic. This full-flavored cigar has complex tasting notes of spice; rich tobacco and roasted chestnuts that make this blend the optimum cigar for indulgence.

Rogue is available in 20-count wooden boxes and the following vitolas: 51/2 x 46 Rascal, 5 x 52 Tyrant, 6 x 54 Ruthless, 6 x 60 Bamboozle and 6 x 66 Armageddon. MSRP: $5.99-$11.99

3 thoughts on “Cigar Release: Gurkha The Rogue

  1. Yea don’t hate on gurkha, they now some nice blends, def a fan of gurkha

  2. They’re pretty good at marketing so I guess they have no problem selling their products (some of their blends are actually not that bad).

  3. My God, will these guys ever give up on the “next” horrible, exclusive cigar? I cannot believe that they are still in business.

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