November 2010

Cigar Release: Alec Bradley New York

Update: here is our review of the Alec Bradley New York.

DANIA, FL – November 23, 2010: You could say that the entire staff at Alec Bradley Cigars is in a New York state of mind as they prepare for the New York State pre-release of the new Alec Bradley New York cigar. Friday, December 10, 2010. Handcrafted in five shapes, the cigars are rolled in an exquisite Honduran Habana seed wrapper grown in Trojes, Honduras. Alec Bradley New York will be available only for New York state tobacconists: All sales outside the state will have to be placed through a New York tobacconist listed on the Alec Bradley website. Production is underway for the general release in the first quarter of 2011.

“Both of my parents are from New York. They had a wholesale candy and tobacco business there for years,” said Rubin. “They worked hard, as my grandparents did before them. I felt that kind of history deserved making a line honoring the state that gave my family and millions of others a chance to make it in the US.”

The Alec Bradley New York is presented in boxes of 20 cigars in the following shapes:
Six Two (Robusto) 52 x 5 ¼
Empire (Toro) 54 x 6
Liberty (Churchill) 50 x 7
Gotham (Torpedo) 54 x 6 1/8
Declaration (Gran Toro) 58 x 6

“We’re really excited to see the reaction from the media and the bloggers,” added Mr. Rubin.

He should be. The company just earned its second 94 “outstanding” score for the Alec Bradley Family Blend T11. All things being equal, the Alec Bradley New York cigar will fetch high expectations, but with a grin, Mr. Rubin offers a more practical and much more familiar observation: “If these cigars can make it here, they can make it anywhere.”

2 thoughts on “Cigar Release: Alec Bradley New York

  1. i recently tried a hand rolled la rosa double corona from new york. It was sublime….

  2. Cool backstory, handsome band and wrapper. Look forward to reviews of these sticks by NY BOTLs.

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